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  1. I doubt that most of the people that want other 2 seater's like the Tornado want it just to play online in MP. I am sure most of them just want to experience what it feels like to operate a Tornado or F-4 Phantom because its thee aircraft that they grow up dreaming to fly one day. And even though they are not my personal dream aircraft like the Tomcat is but none the less I still have an interest to experience them for my self. Just like most of use would jump at the chance to test drive a 1989 Buick Grand National GNX or a 1970's Muscle car.
  2. I just ran across this great video of the Air tractor Fire Boss firefighting variant that I had to post here. It can be outfitted with either landing gear or pontoons so that it can scoop up water from lakes. Something like this would interest many new people world wide to DCS that other wise would not had giving DCS a consideration. And to further backup the Air tractors Street cred it also has a military combat variant called the Archangel.
  3. A Super Tucano is already in development by RAZBAM. But it would be interesting to get the Air Tractor Archangel because it would open the possibilities also getting all of its civilian variants like the one for fire fighting that could be outfitted with pontoons or with landing gear.
  4. There is one other aircraft that is already in DCS that is technically British, the AV-8B Harrier. Plus the Sea Harrier FRS.1 is also in the pipeline by RAZBAM to go along with the upcoming Falklands map. But I do understand what you are trying to say through. There is little British representation in DCS at the moment. But slowing but surly they will come. From what I understand the RAF F-4 differ significantly to the other American and export versions. So I can understand why it would be good for another 3rd party to do those. I for one would like to see a Blackburn Buckaneer. It was th
  5. Hopefully we can get a Fire Hawk variant whenever the Black Hawk comes to DCS. Or there could be a possibility of getting the Fire Hawk first if Cal Fire contracts ED to make them one for simulator training. Anyone know someone over at Cal Fire? jaja
  6. If you all were to follow RAZBAM's Facbook page you would know that they are currently working on the AMX. They had posted this picture along with some other on Aug,2020.
  7. Even if you don't have an interest in firefighting it would benefit you in the long term because of the increased sales of the helicopter modules outfitted with firefighting equipment.
  8. I had suggested the same thing before because there is no other simulator out there that fills this nitch. I bet it would attract a whole new fan base that was not interested in DCS before because it was a typical combat simulation but would be interested in combating wild fires. All DCS has to do is to add the necessary coding for the creation of wildfire missions and add the firefighting skin and loadout (water bucket or fixed tank) for the Huey which is based on the same UH-1H variant that is already in DCS to get the ball rolling and attract a new potential 3rd party that wou
  9. Exactly, because you would still be in combat except it would be Combating forest fires.
  10. The F-104 was added not too long ago to another popular online flight war game without naming it. And from what I have experienced so far going up against them is that they have been a royal pain in the rear because they are so fast that they can quickly intercept aircraft out of nowhere. They have become such an Apex predator that I have come to detest them. So much so that I take extra pleasure when I am able to shoot one down or see one going down in flames. They may not be great dog fighters but they don't need to be to be a lethal killer by just doing boom and zoom strikes from a high alt
  11. Sounds like only realistic way to get what is asked added is through a mod later on when the Apache releases.
  12. Per Razbams's statment below these aircraft are planned. I have not seeing anything regarding the A-4. Each of these already have a 3d developer assigned, who is currently busy with already scheduled and licensed developments, so they are NOT a PRIORITY for the time being. IA-58 Pucara Mirage III (or) IAI Dagger (either one, not both) Dassault Super Etendard Sea Harrier FRS.1 Also a RAZMAB representative had made this comment on their FB page regarding their current timeline. "The AMX, EE Lightning and Sea Harrier can be expected after the F-15, Mig23
  13. Your in luck. RAZBAM is currently working on the Super Etendard to flesh out the Falklands map they are also working on.
  14. I support this idea as it would just be a visual aid for training and not an easy or cheat mode like most of the other threads have been asking for. As "refueling is a skill that must be learned and mastered" at least a visual aid like this would help people to fish for the drogue for them selves.
  15. You can attribute that to the Russian government's strict restrictions on the information and data of their military aircraft. If it was not for that, don't you think ED would had done some newer Russian aircraft by now. Unfortunately it is out of ED's and hands until something changes with those restrictions. So I suggest taking you compliant to the Kremlin.
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