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  1. You'd have an emergency alright....it would need new landing gear and probably a session or two on an alignment jig.
  2. I sincerely wish that there was a template for the Jug. ~Rob
  3. Warlord, will you be sharing your template with the community since ED hasn't gotten one to us yet?
  4. Yeah, and oh is that their thing? There are no flying examples of a Dora or A8 with correct engines, nor is there a K that I am aware of. I say that with having not really been up on my crap for about 7 years, but as of when I was really following things this was correct. a Dora had been started for test running an engine but was not going to be flying, and Paul Allen had the only A8 with a correct engine and he also benched it some years back (2015?), so is there another one that ED used? If that is their measure then ED is already making claims for stuff that they are going against themselves, and that doesn't seem likely.
  5. I guess I don't understand their rationale, but it's their game I suppose :-(
  6. Great community! Flight instruction / Rosetta Stone?
  7. Love this type of mod post lol...... "Here's my shit. Wanna try it? I like it" It's perfect! ~Rob
  8. This isn't sarcasm, it's called a play on words and generally speaking they are humorous like the example I provided above for you. I really was trying to help you out.
  9. Yep, TLAR method works every time!
  10. LOL C'mon......have you looked into the BuDs? I mean, you can't spell "buddies" without BuDs"!! Send me a PM and I will put you in touch with the Discord channel admins, unless you wanna weigh in here GT?
  11. Agreed. It'd be a nice "tide me over" until a SLUF module is available.
  12. Having a blast on this server!! 355th_Gunfighter and Boddman (BuDs member) headed out for some mud moving Got jumped by MiGs, had to go to defend ourselves. I damaged one....... Lucky Casey!! More ground pound, flying wing on another BuDs member, Skyraider, on our way to hit a comms tower tower Full loadout - Two bombs, 8 rockets, half a pack of smoke and a bad attitude!!
  13. I mean, it would have been different if they would have had a jillion Corsairs to choose from for flight sequences. Cut them some slack!
  14. I'm in no hurry. If I recall the Tomcat's first sneaker pics were back in 2015, maybe 2016? I don't quite remember, but I do recall I saw the for the firs time right after I got the Sabre and the Huey so I wanna say summer of '15. I waited and watched and the module was stunning right out of the box. Shoot, if their product matches HB's as far as minimal bugs / maximum fun and accuracy then give them 4 years like we gave the Tomcat!
  15. "......We will launch the Typhoon in the class of “Epic Modules”......." :thumbup:
  16. The thing that sucks about aircraft the flew against each other is that they were evenly matched for only a short period, which historically was a good thing for the Allies as the late war planes of the Axis were superb aircraft, but the pilot skills were not developed enough to exercise the advantages over Allied fighters, nor did they enjoy the numerical superiority of the early war times. If you had flown the Zeke vs Wildcat server on Hyperlobby you would see why the challenge is so great lol.....we are all very experienced students of the craft, and while it wasn't a study sim it made for great fights with dissimilar aircraft, but similarly skilled pilots who had a great knowledge and experience base. It was pretty fun, and I think the real challenge was specifically that we all knew tactics, we all knew our planes' strenghts and weaknesses, what do avoid getting sucked into, so it really was pilot vs pilot. That server was way more fun than just an Axis vs Allies server because the 190's and KI-84's would beat the shit out of Mustangs and Jugs, again, pilot vs pilot but the Axis planes hopelessly outclassed the Allied ones in general, sorta like how they did in real life to a point, only the Axis pilots were of great skill and knowledge. By the time the Dora and the KI-84 were regular frontline fighters not everyone who flew them had the experience or skill to fight a well flown Jug, or like 4 Mustangs at a time. I would love to see that in a DCS server one day, Zeke vs Wildcat. It would be AWESOME!
  17. As far as I know the Iranian F-14's kicked the shit out of so many of the Iraqi planes that even the guys flying MiG-25's were running away from them if they saw the Tomcat's signature on their RWR.....
  18. 300ZX is to Corvette as the G-91 is to Sabre jet.....this little thing is RAD!!!
  19. Doom, I'm interested! I love anything with the Sabre, and some cool PvE coops would be perfect for when my unit runs the occasional "Sabres With The Neighbors" ~Rob
  20. -4 series Corsair beats the hell out of the F6F-5 in every regard save turn radius, and as far as most pilots were concerned back then turn radius was last on the list of advantages a Naval fighter must have to be a great fighter. The Hellcat was quite slow compared to the other "modern" US Fighters, but since it mainly had to fight Zero fighters or plug slow torp bombers and fixed gear dive bombers that wasn't a huge issue. Also, the awesome kill ratio enjoyed by the Hellcat is kinda skewed - this number reflects what it did mostly vs Zero fighters; I recently read that it only enjoyed a 3:1 against it's contemporary, the Raiden, and when flown by pilots of equal ability it was pretty much a match.
  21. "To our fallen companions whose bones rest on the bottom of the sea in the Solomon Islands, cut down in the bloom of youth, denied the pleasures of life, which by chance, the rest of us have enjoyed. To Gregory Boyington, the courageous, charismatic leader of our days of glory. To Frank Walton, who from our early days has not only been our Boswell, our biographer, in creating the Black Sheep legend, but by his own life has been friend, inspiration and role model to all. To Jim Reames our compassionate squadron doctor, whose medical treatment, Lejon brandy and cheerful good humor helped each of us to bear the stress of combat when death was a frequent visitor to our squadron. To our wives and ladies without whom life would have been a fruitless, cheerless existence without meaning. To each of us, once a proud, brave brotherhood in arms, today we are bound by our own actions in the Black Sheep legend as friends forever. Last to our beloved Marine Corps. We all knew when we put on the forest green uniform that it would ask us to put our lives at risk, which it did, and it would give us only pride and self respect, which it has." — Bolt's toast at the VMF-214 50-year reunion in 1993.
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