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  1. Problem Solved! The culprit was SimAppPro from Winwing. Not the App itself but an after effect from installation. Appearently SimAppPro installs a script that occurs within DCS to export the data to the App. I had ordered an Orion throttle to replace my Thrustmaster WH and it arrived about 10 days ago. I installed the app in order to check calibrations and functioning, but then decided it wasn't needed for my intended application. Hadn't touch it since. Late last night, I stumbled across this thread: Since I had not been running SimAppPro, it was low on my suspect list.
  2. Thank you, I am familiar with that thread and already have implimented most of the recommendations a few months ago. This morning I did try the threads recommended NVidia settings which resulted in a slight decrease in the frequency of CPU frame time spikes but overall image quality decreased. So far for me, no sound issues. Yeah, I was suspecting the cause may be a Windows update and a rollback will may be my next test. NVidia and Steam VR updates were pushed out after my problems started so I don't believe they're the cause. As for SteamVR reprojection, I'm assume you're ref
  3. Hello all, Has anybody else noticed/experienced a substantial decrease in VR performance in DCS in the past week to 10 days? My set-up started to act strangely about a week ago and I can’t nail down what’s triggering it. Bottom line is I’m suddenly bottlenecked at the CPU with frame times in the mid to high 30s ms where before there was no issue. Here the background info: CPU: Intel i9-10900k OC’d to 5.1 GPU: 2080 TI w/ 11Gb VRAM RAM: 32gb @ 3200mhz Headset: Valve Index w/ Steam VR Beta DCS ver: Open Beta For months, everything ran smooth. With PD i
  4. This is not integrated at this time. Hopefully it will be in the future. The AIRBOSS script is more realistic at this point.
  5. First off, I understand SC has been out only for a few hours in early access and I'm not sure if this is even a bug. I just want to see if I'm doing something wrong here. I've also seen all of the recent press release videos posted. Here's the scenario: DCS Wolrd Open Beta F-14 Instant action mission - Carrier Quals CVN 73 - Caucasus Map Acft loads (Hot start) in 6 pack parking. Taxi short of Cat 1 or 2. I'm aware that yellow shirt will not give the F-14 "Unfold wings signal." I sweep the wings forward while simultaneously following signals from yellow shirt to move forward/left/right.
  6. I was about to record a track file this morning and oddly the problem seems to have stopped...at least for now. If and when it happens again, I'll post the file immediately.
  7. Just wanted to know if anybody else is experiencing this. Granted I've been away from DCS for the past 2 weeks. Got the latest beta update and now I've noticed that when I jump in the Hornet in-flight or pre-started on the ground (single and multiplayer), I get a canopy warning on the Left DDI. I double check the canopy switch and sure enough, the canopy isn't fully forward and sealed. Happens every time now. When did this change happen or is it a bug. Just asking.
  8. Wasn't reporting a definite bug, just wanted feedback from others. Next occurrence, I'll post the file. Checked Tacview, no countermeasures deployed by either bandit on approach to the merge. @Lancel & GGTharos, what both of you are saying is true for the early versions of the AIM-9, but with the introduction of the "G" model with SEAM (Sidewinder Extended Acquisition Mode), the system is a bit more intelligent and provided the AIM-9 seeker head with 2 search options. The first allowed slaving the seeker head to the radar when locked when the missile is in the Caged/Sl
  9. Ok, riddle me this - I noticed quite a few times when dog-fighting, usually on multiplayer, that the 9X seeker will not always slave to the radar locked target. Example, approaching the merge with two separate adversaries head on at about 3 miles, AIM-9s already selected. Switch to ACM Bore-sight mode and maneuver aircraft to place one bandit within the bore-sight circle on the HUD. 3 out of 5 times radar locks up intended target while seeker head tracks the other non-intended target. Unlock target and try again (bandits are now uncomfortably close now), usually same result. Maintain radar loc
  10. If I was your LSO, I would have dove overboard off the platform after waving you off..LOL. Good recovery :thumbup:
  11. That's your problem, you're too close abeam of the ship. Need to be 1.0 to 1.1 nm abeam at the 180. At that distance and 30 degrees AOB, will place you at the start of the "groove."
  12. The Ram-Air inlet is not a auxiliary turbine inlet for providing emergency power. It is an auxiliary/emergency air source for the Environmental Control System (ECS), providing back-up cooling air for the avionics system and the cockpit.
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