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  1. Hi wonderfabulous DCS team. I think it would be great to have a kind of light DCS client one could use to take a friend on a flight in VR. Supporting lower end headsets like Quest, Oculus Go, Gear VR, etc, it can be a great way to provide an enhanced experience and maybe recruit new pilots. Have a great 2020!!!
  2. From what you've written it's not clear (to me) that you understand that the E bracket moves relative to the VV (and only the VV, i.e. not the horizon or anything else) to indicate where the correct AOA is. You should only aim to align the E bracket to the VV by trimming trying to stay level, while on downwind AFTER dropping full flaps and LG, and once aligned, it will stay there. Sure it will move if the nose moves, but it will come back to alignment once you're on speed again. Try not to move the stick vertically at all once you've aligned the bracket with the VV, until you understand the above. Sorry if I'm misinterpreting what you wrote.
  3. The lua Export script, which can be used to send input commands to the sim programmatically, accepts axis input positions encoded as double precision flotaing point numbers, meaning 64 bits of information. So apparently the sim can work at a much higher precision than current flight hardware.
  4. Hi guys. I'm running DCS 2.0 latest with Oculus Rift and the very latest Nvidia drivers. Whenever I configure rain I only get the sound effects but can't see the actual rain. Even in heavy thunderstorm I see a clear sky with lightnings coming out of nowhere. Is this normal behavior or should I tweak something in order to see rain? Thanks!!
  5. Hi ED Team, I'm a loyal customer since forever and have just returned to the sim after waiting for Oculus Rift to come out. I need to tell you that what you have done in 2.0 is absolutely AMAZING. I am a developer myself so I know the infinite effort that goes into bringing such a marvel to light. But to have the artistic sensibility to create the experience the way you did... Since my teen years I've been waiting for what I experienced today. The feeling of being there, 10000 ft, in a small canopy, aboard a combat jet. Thank you. Please keep up the good work. I love you all. Regards, Santiago
  6. Hi guys, Can you please point me to detailed instructions on how to set up the Rift CV1 with DCS? Preferably DCSW 2 Open Alpha. Thanks a lot!
  7. Thank you for everything Jim. Rest in Peace.
  8. I don't really care about branding, just about having the Pros in ED building truly realistic simulatios to the best of their efforts to the best of our enjoyment. An honest and special relationship, you know, we're not kids anymore.
  9. I'm betting a full pint that this will get back to you in horrendous out-of-context references. :beer:
  10. I still remember installing Word and seeing Clippo and how much I hated those seconds where he would appear before having the option to remove him from sight before calmly going to the options menu to hide him forever. Also those "collapsed" menus that would hide things based on times used. Actually I find it easier to memorize the position of a menu item within a dozen other items that I don't even know, than having to parse two or three "dynamic" commonly used functions to find the one I need. So I do think an EXPERT operator doesn't benefit from arbitrary active decluttering. A different thing is alert presentation, where a "what's new" or "appearance order" would be very beneficial I think, in order to eliminate those seconds where you're trying to figure out what all those simultaneous alerts mean. But maybe were I a true pro I might not find that useful at all.
  11. I think I remember ED saying, years ago, that the development of DCS:Fighter would demand creating a completely new radar simulation (up to DCS standards) and a completely new Advanced Missile Flight Model. So maybe this additional work created some additional time window for the development of the Mustang, since it doesn't share any of those components and can be finished while the avionics and FM team finish the radar and missiles. Just saying.
  12. Well, it should be obvious by now that DCS is only stalling until the end of the world this year releases them from their promises, as it is obvious they are totally incapable of fulfilling them due to lack of talent and unwillingness to dedicate otherwise valuable IT talent to produce PC renditions of glorified tin cans. In fact ED has just been contacted by all our moms and since we've all been naughty naughty boys, we won't be getting any fast movers this year or the next unless we get our sh*t together and start behaving properly. And don't make me call your fathers to explain in more detail. :baby:
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