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  1. LIGHT SMASHING SEASON I do hope the new look forum (yuk) has not removed everything.
  2. Although I do like new features, The visual appearance put's me off. I much prefer the old version/layout
  3. My vote (If I could work out how to do it) would be for the old version of the forum page appearance. I find these new changes clumsy, awkward. It looks like my nephew's x-plane page. No, I don't agree with it. I don't enjoy reading this forum with the new look.
  4. What, there are "Auto Start" buttons in the modules? And do not tell me it's Alt+F4, I'm not falling for that old joke. (Again)
  5. "Check the computer's IP address and enter it again in the application. You can give Tacview entry in the comment and check if it works, but I think it is not because DCS data is easily transmitted" I regret I cannot understand this. This is a good app, however its repair and maintenance are above my skill level. I will unplug it for now and move on to something else. I thank you for your efforts and wish it well .
  6. Broken Just had an update of Tacview. Not sure if that has broken this but it's stopped working. Signal getting from DCS to tablet, not sending from tablet to DCS. Scripts folder in attached zip
  7. "in DCS UFC Settings try to enable (F-16C DED/ICP) then disable it, and restart app" Was having same issue. I touched nothing else but for the little purple dot in tablet end of app. Like it says above. I moved the dot to the left and display now appears. ( not the prettiest display, but usable ) .
  8. Again I broke something. And again pet33r fixed it. All working well now. Thank you pet
  9. Yesterday the only reaction was button pressing on tablet was being received by in game modules. Images from module displays in game were not showing on tablet. I regret that now nothing is working. The tablet app is not registering anything in game, displays in game are not showing on tablet app. No address changes have been made. PC still has original address/tablet address is as it was. Tested with F-18/A-10C/Harrier
  10. It's broken again. the buttons are working from tablet to game. LCD images from game display is not showing on tablet. I didn't touch anything. I have checked IP address in config lua it is unchanged from several days ago.
  11. ctytler Thank you, great looking piece of work. On occasion I mess things up really badly, My Son supervises recovery operations and does a lot of muttering. I have had my cappuccino machine impounded more than once. I think stage 1 is..... "DCS-ExportScripts](https://github.com/s-d-a/DCS-ExportScripts" That looks easy. I can do copy/cut/stick stage 2 ..... " run the installer `com.ctytler.dcs.streamDeckPlugin`" Is that it ? if so I can do that. Update 19th May Ok, I'm sure I have done it. It's all connected and a test run was all good. (Great to get it done before
  12. Changed my mind. Each time I watch https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5SLT0j3UK88FxeGzCM9tFw this series of video's, a bit more of it makes sense. So, I'm going to give it a try. I DO LIKE discovering the "auto install"
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