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  1. Dust top seems to be relative to MSL.
  2. Try the same mission, looking at Laughlin airport. What do you see?
  3. 3 - NWS button acts as a Press To Talk button (in-flight only).
  4. same as here? https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/229164-edm-exporter-for-blender-28/?do=findComment&comment=4488170
  5. I think clicking or double-clicking the mouse scroll wheel will hide/show the mouse pointer.
  6. What I see is: -1, Section III (3-19,3-20) (...) Flight experience has also shown that it is possible to enter an inverted flat spin mode. (...) If recovery does not occur and inverted spin entry is indicated, if a turn needle is available, determine the direction of spin rotation. Maintain stick position and: 4. Rudder - Full Opposite Direction of Spin (turn needle).
  7. Curious which manual you are referring to? The -1 , Section VI, Inverted Flight Characteristics describes the Inverted Pitch Hangup in the first paragraph. It also elaborates that " If recovery from the IPH is not accomplished, divergent roll oscillations or an inverted spiral may develop. " 15000ft is minimum ejection alt for a dual F-5F. Solo F or E shows 10000. As for being able to get an IPH in-game, I have tried a long time ago without success.
  8. That happened to me when I had an object withut a mesh. (had deleted the mesh in edit mode and left the object). Deleting that object fixed the issue.
  9. I was under the impression 'invisible' affects the AI but is still visible to the client?
  10. Looks rather simple to me. If no indication it should be required then why go that way? Might as well tie it to a bleed air switch position or nav lights... Same for the F-5E AIM-9 tone, but I digress... Thanks for trying to improve things.
  11. Can you provide any information that clearly states master arm is required?
  12. This. So I did plot the FA-18's fuel flow curve vs the F-16's one. In-game DCS data. Not saying what is right and what is wrong, but the DCS FA-18C's fuel flow plot seems to flatten earlier than the DCS F-16CM's fuel flow plot.
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