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  1. I tested in both VR and in 2D and checked my bindings and rechecked them and I cannot get the pilot body to show when in cockpit. Is this a known issue?
  2. Bumping because this is happening every time I fly the plane now and makes the module severely handicapped. I mean sure things still work but you have to exit out to get new plane, this killing what you have done since we can't save mid mission. Kinda suck Belsimtek is just ignoring it. I assume Russian users exp the same thing and Belsimtek seems to hang in their forums more than the English side.
  3. The language in the post does imply a 'partnership' to me. It just sounds like 2 companies with a crossover user base engaging in conversation to see how each can make the respective users of both products have the best chance at the best experience when doing so and maybe determining areas that each could improve to allow a better experience. Though I would see it as a software conversation only because Pimax is not gonna change HW for DCS. This is great in my opinion.
  4. Hey I really appreciate you even responding. I really do. Just to be clear, yes there is the aircraft dir in my saved games dcs dir so it does indeed look like C:\Users\Torso\Saved Games\DCS.openalpha\Mods\aircraft\Civil Aircraft Mod (just showing full path for clarity. And no, the CAM dir is not double nested in another CAM folder.) So all correct there. Also, double checked and no double install of the mod, only placed in the saved games dir as instructed. Still a mystery but thanks for taking a couple minutes out to reply to me. I just want to enjoy this very cool mod in 2.1 like I am seeing everyone else is doing..lol.
  5. Hey I REALLY appreciate the reply to me. Can you clarify? You mean if I have a 'saved games' dir in my DCS 2 game install directory, not the Mods folder in DCS 2 dir correct? Because I checked and do NOT have a saved games dir in my DCS 2.1 game directory. The saved games dir only exist in my C:\Users\Torso\Saved Games\DCS.openalpha\Mods (this where I have placed all the mods I try to use for 2.1, without a single one ending up working in game.) It really seems like DCS 2 has no clue to look for the mods there. I want to verify the path it looks for mods but cannot locate where that path is stored that the game references. Yet the Module Manager in 2.1 see the mods and shows them checked green as active. So the MM in 2.1 sees it, but the game itself does not. Something is not right here. I open the entry.lua file in the Civil Aircraft Mod dir found in the \saved games\Mod\aircraft\ dir and it says for the various entries (current_mod_path...."/Shapes") and (current_mod_path...."/Liveries")..etc. Well, where is the current mod path stored? It is obviously calling a stored path. Where is it stored? The one in my 1.5 mods folder says the same but it works and the game sees the mod. This is not just an issue I have. I know several others are suffering from it with 2.1 as well. Something is not set correctly within the games config it seems. Just cannot locate where the mod path the games calls is actually stored. Is it embedded in the game? Seems so. I just don't get it, all works in 1.5 as expected using the exact same steps. 2.1 has to have a difference in how it is looking for the mod folder. :(
  6. One of the things I have been waiting on for years. I cannot believe it still is not in game yet after all this time. Maybe 2.5 we will see it arrive finally. Fingers crossed but hope supply is spent on this missing feature. Not sure why it is too much to add particle emitters to some surfaces, and then start tweaking effects produced based on Airspeed, AoA..etc. As Weather is not really done well humidity should not be a concern at least on outset I feel. We can spit contrails out of jet engines currently.. wing/surface vapour effect is not far off that though some turbulence/variable real time response would be needed for a good effect. At least start somewhere. Right now we are nowhere.
  7. Kicking this thread because I was curious if those who had this issue have resolved it? I am at a loss as to why I cannot use mods in DCS 2.1. I am trying to use Civil Aircraft Mod and VPC equipment/assets mod in 2.1 and they show in the Module Manager(green check, active), but not in game. Nothing in the ME, no icon in the icon list at bottom. Put them in the following dir C:\Users\Torso\Saved Games\DCS.openalpha\Mods As supposed to do, but DCS 2.1 just acts like nothing is there. I have none of these issues with 1.5. Mods placed in its dir are seen and work. But not 2.1. I know others use these 2 exact mods in 2.1 without issue. Everything just says, put them in the Mod folder in the saved games dir...great, but DCS does not even see them. Again my Mod folder path is C:\Users\Torso\Saved Games\DCS.openalpha\Mods (I noticed everyone in the thread was typing the paths like /saved games/DCS.XXXXX/..etc. I just assume everyone is makin a typo on the \). Is there some file that holds the path to mods(the saved games dir) for 2.1 that I can confirm is set correctly? Somewhere it must be set to look in that dir..or another as seems to be the case as it seems that DCS 2.1 is blind to it. Maybe it is set somewhere to look elsewhere for mods. I am at a loss right now. I looked at several files(entry.lua..etc) and saw references to "dirName = current_mod_path". This seems like it is calling a stored path file to the mods dir. Where is that path file stored so I can check it it actually points to the saved games dir? Why does the Module Manager in 2.1 see them but the actual game itself does not. Seems odd it see's it but then does not in game.
  8. Yep I made sure of that and rechecked after to be sure and nope not double nested. But thanks for suggestion. CAM_beta not in Mod\aircraft dir, only Civil Aircraft Mod and others that are to be expected. But thanks for suggestion. Cannot understand DCS not seeing it. Looks real good regardless from all posts so nice work even if I can't enjoy it myself for whatever reason..haha. I will keep at it. Deleted and reinstalled it again, unchecked and rechecked in MM requiring game restart each time...still in ME, none of the planes list. Puzzlin. EDIT: Was able to install in 1.5 with no issue. All workin fine there. Cannot understand why 2.1 doesn't see module in game still. If anyone reads this and has an idea, please offer your suggestion. EDIT:I can confirm the mod is located in C:\Users\Torso\Saved Games\DCS.openalpha\Mods\aircraft\ And again it does show in the 2.1 games Module Manager, checked/activated. In my C:\Users\Torso\Saved Games dir I have 2 DCS folders. DCS.openalpha(This is 2.1's and where I put the mods for 2.1, none show in game) DCS.openbeta(mods for 1.5 go here and ones here show in game) So is this normal for users with both 1.5 and 2.1 installed? I assume it would be. But never know..lol. Is there a mod path stored on a file somewhere I can check? It almost seems like the game is set to not even look in the expected dir. I cannot locate a file that contains the saved games dir path for mods to be located so far. Does one exist? Again, thanks for the mod regardless of my own issues. Pretty awesome indeed at least in 1.5. but hoping to get it working in 2.1
  9. Was really looking forward to checking this out. Dl'd, un-rared to directory as install instructions state. Load up game, go to mission editor, look at plane list..not a one listed. Anyone got an idea why I do not see the new planes in my aircraft list? I have a dedicated SSD drive for DCS 2.0(E: drive) Path I used was as install txt states. C:\Users\Torso\Saved Games\DCS.openalpha\Mods\aircraft(dropped the CAM folder in there) load up game/mission editor I did not see them. exit out, go to module manager, see it listed and checked. Close MM and go to main screen, scroll through all modules icons at bottom, do not see CAM icon..so the mm sees it, and it is checked. But the game itself does not.. So for the hell of it I tried also dropping it in the E:\DCS World 2 OpenAlpha\Mods\aircraft dir as well. I loaded up game, ME, aircraft list, still not listed. I don't see how I can be f'n this up. Anyone got clue what simple thing I am missing here?
  10. I know a dude in the Rebellion who has placed information vital to the development of this module into the memory systems of an R2 unit. ED will know how to retrieve it. It just needs to be located as it seems to have gone missing. Keep a look out for it.
  11. +1 This is an issue for many planes and it is worse when trying to fly at night.
  12. Cyph3r, Quick question. Any plans for backlighting? Been discussed at all among the team? I know maybe not asked about yet perhaps but curious. Would love to not lose my green backlights of the wth throttle for my darkened sim room and the option to switch to a few other colors would be cool for others perhaps as well, red, orange. Not talking gaudy..classy backlights..ya know ;)Just a thought. Do you have any input you can share?
  13. I think you are so spot on and I can say in VR, ESPECIALLY at night, this pink undertone that is somehow prevalent really shows up badly. I have screenshots showing how bad it is. I wish they could remove this pink base color that is used. I have not seen it in other sims at all day or night time lighting. I have raised the pink tone issue in other threads regarding night time lighting issues but there is not a specific thread about this pink tone that exists in 2x I believe.
  14. Maybe a simple wartime/peacetime setting toggle option for the ME? Less work I would guess vs almost individual light control if that is what you meant. I agree.
  15. Thank you for sharing this with us. It is appreciated as all your shares are. EDIT: Note this part: So they have set it up so he/they can further evaluate their changes it appears as they move forward.
  16. NTTR is a warzone? Really? You have seen Vegas at night before right? Night time env in DCS needs serious work. Just because DCS is a supposed to be a combat sim does not mean that obvious shortcomings in the game env can be just pushed aside with that as an excuse.
  17. My girl was impressed with the model. She asked where his butt was though, said 'it goes from thigh to back with no ass'. I told her 'it would be planted in the seat, won't see it'. She said 'I have seen you eject too many times to know it will not be hidden always'. She is taking peeks at my screen when I am in VR it appears more than I thought...lol Looking real good, will be nice to have a pilot in the cockpit.
  18. This is how I setup my MFD's. I use articulating arms that allow me to adjust them to any position I need so I can/will be able to set for different aircraft. Works well with what I have been able to test it with. A-10 mainly obviously as still waiting for Harrier and Hornet. But I can reach out and touch what I see in VR. Need the Hornet to release to finalize my center MFD mount that I am 3d printing. The one in pics is just proof of concept, though perfectly functional. Just need to get height correct once I have module in hand for final print run. Mockup prior to printing MFD adapters. Using 3d printed MFD adapters. MFD with mount adapter and arm collapsed.
  19. You would be amazed at how much muscle memory kicks in if you actually have a setup that is fairly static. I can use my Hotas, G13, and 2 to 3 mfds(Prepping for F/A-18 release) and a secondary mouse all without needing to see any of them, my body and hands know where they are. And with VA, it covers any other commands that a kb could be needed for other than typing in chat. And still about to add a DSD button box to the mix for the rotaries. No fear not being able to see them. I will know where they are, very quickly. I use more controllers than my friends who use tir still use..lol.
  20. You know I took the Spit up for some fun last night and it felt WAY different than it did the last time I flew it. I mean it almost bordered on out of control over sensitivity from the last time I flew it. Made me wonder if an update was applied to it and this is the result.
  21. That is a great vid. It would be neat if one day we could actually declare an emergency in ATC and actually have it then affect your landing procedure in DCS. Since that is unlikely to happen in the foreseeable and unforeseeable future maybe someone will figure a way to make a specific scenario mission file that can put you in this handicapped position with such a landing aid to be able to experience it.
  22. Very interesting article. Thanks for sharing it.
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