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  1. THIS +1000 I have brought up a glint effect in the past, a starburst reflection flash would add to spotting and a general another real life detail brought into the game. Glints can be done, just not sure if they could figure out how to do it in DCS. Would be very nice though.
  2. I think you meant SweViver as he seems to be the only one that tests with DCS.
  3. More fly off-line or in single player than do in multi. That is why it has value. You need to look beyond your own personal preferences. Seems most that just play mp think that is what EVERYONE else does as well. A quick look at the number of players online easily proves that is not the case. If that was the bulk of DCS players, ED woulda folded years ago.
  4. Us Pimax 8K backers will have a good shot at seeing exactly what the FoV increase brings in terms of sense of speed in DCS. I think once we get those in our hands we will have a lot better info to judge just how well or bad DCS translates speed in sim. SweViver has been testing it and has used DCS with it and probably could say right now if sense of speed jumps huge with a 170/200 FoV.
  5. Yep, that is sadly the state of DCS. ED did make some positive moves regarding moonlighting a few months ago when they were getting shamed for how bad it was, but they appear to have stopped working on it. Everything else still is terrible at night. Banding, Glowing terrain instead of point/spritelights, fuzzy 2d light ball textures, terrible object lighting or in some cases objects exclude light..yes I said exclude. Like they are black holes and light does not register for them. AC lights passing through plane structure so you get disco effects in planes...etc. To fix banding they need to look into dithering or similar tech. Until they do, it will always look like 4/8bit posterized crap. DCS has always been and continues to be a daylight sim only. Of course sunset and sunrise for the beauty shots. But once sun is down, forget it.
  6. That pic is in no way indicative of what we see. Also the position and time of day can make even reflections in 2d terrible. And in VR, it is a whole different ballgame. +1.
  7. Awesome feedback. Hopefully the team goes over it with their SME's and can incorporate changes suggested/feedback to improve accuracy.
  8. I am sorry but I have to disagree with you there in regards to this kind of issue. We aren't talking a system or some dev heavy function in the sim/module. We are talking an art asset. A small correction to a part of an art asset. One that needs a singular adjustment most likely. I mess around in PS and various 3d modeling programs. I have had to tweak a model file and it is not some huge dev effort to do so. I again would bet money that this could be fixed in tiny amount of time. It just has not been assigned out to anyone to fix as of yet obviously.
  9. Here you go. I used this guy and got my order in less than a week. I am in the PNW in the US. This is the screen I went with. 4:3 ratio and 7inch. Is a better fit than the 8inch 16:10 or wider ratio ones that stick out the sides a ton. These are as close to a perfect fit as you can get. W/O HDMI https://www.ebay.com/itm/7-800x600-CLAA070MA0ACW-LCD-Screen-LVDS-TTL-Tcon-Board-DVI-VGA-LCD-Controller/181356421375?hash=item2a39af60ff:g:YagAAOSw7I5a~9pK W HDMI https://www.ebay.com/itm/HDMI-DVI-VGA-Audio-Lcd-control-board-7inch-CLAA070MA0ACW-800x600-Lcd-panel/181356314472?hash=item2a39adbf68:g:VCYAAOSwdsFUQg5W Pics of them from my album of junk showing the 3d printed enclosure I designed for them. They were designed to mount on articulating arms so they can be variable position. I actually never took finalized pics of the build due to VR adoption. However I do use the MFD's on the arms still, just have no need for the functional screens now. https://i.imgur.com/BoTvTpO.jpg https://i.imgur.com/DiVBHdr.jpg?1 https://i.imgur.com/L8aU2as.jpg https://i.imgur.com/wzORo7F.jpg?1 Hope the info helps.
  10. Kinda ridiculous huh? I mean, this probably is a VERY fast fix. I am talking probably way less than an hour of dev time easily to open the required file and make probably a single adjustment, test to confirm fixed and close it and be done with it. But nope, instead we get to enjoy this constant flicker as a user. That's real customer focus right there. :huh:
  11. No we shouldn't. The testers have not all received them yet(only one tester has confirmed they received theirs and that was just today). And even so, they are bound by an NDA that will prevent them from sharing reviews right away. So, we got another couple weeks before we start seeing M1 reviews.
  12. It would be great if they had an Arma like command for maybe a salute from the cockpit animation, thumbs up..the finger..you know, the basics. Perhaps this is it's own wish list item...hmm
  13. Nope, not just you. Ground lighting is terrible across the board. They need to change how they do ground lighting completely if they ever want to have a decent somewhat realistic night time environment. They have made some decent progress on their moonlighting. But ground and object is just in a terrible state. Fingers crossed one day they feel it is worth overhauling. Imagine if we had this ground lighting. What a wonderful world it would be.
  14. It should not be a dream. It should be possible. If ED made it a priority, I bet we could have similar in DCS. Whats sad is that vid is almost 3 yrs old. This tech has been around for years and has even evolved further. ED needs to dev something like this for their engine. Their current method just is not cutting it at all. I mean, look at what we could have vs what we do have. :(
  15. I am really bummed about how bad it is. I had some hopes from some of those preview screenies but we don't have that. I think I see a few actual point lights in that vid and the rest is their glowing terrain that they think is night lighting. It is just so terrible. They need to figure a way to get spritelights in their engine. This is what we deserve for the money we pay for these maps. This is what ED needs to invest some research into.
  16. DCS's night time issues are not just for VR users. VR users just exp a few of the issues to a greater degree. DCS moon lighting has improved greatly since they actually put some work into it. Still can further improve it as well but they have been able to make progress certainly. I think the scale of the moon is kinda small still, the light from it is good, just the representation in the sky is rather small. Their ground/object lighting game is a pathetic for most part sadly. Though they actually have taken the time to make the red tail light on the Hornet a quality looking light, pretty much every other is total trash. They also are creating glowing terrain to compensate for their lack of lights in areas, so a house, in a not too populated area will look like it has stadium lights lighting up a large chunk of the terrain around it..totally unnatural looking. This glowing terrain becomes glowing blotches from viewed up high when we should be seeing point lights mainly unless a dense city where we get all the light overlap creating much brighter areas. But we should still be seeing point lights there too. Take a look at these pics. This is the current lighting of the Stennis. The NEW carrier. Notice they are continuing to use the puffball, no light emitting 2d textures for it? Notice how it just doesn't look right at all? The total lack of light cast by any light in the pics on their surroundings? In addition to these giant puff balls all over that literally cannot be seen through. I can see them not being able to do this for all object or lights but for the carriers and airfields at least...c'mon man. That vid I posted is 3yrs old. Things have improved even more since then. I wish ED would look into spritelights. Maybe their engine can do something like it. I hope one day we see what is possible and not what is just settled on out of lack of apparent strong interest in this area by those assigning out the work to focus on.
  17. Everyone has a different approach to their VR setups. Myself, I have everything I need bolted to my chair, that I bought just for making a VR cockpit chair out of. Decided welding onto an HM Embody was not a good call considering how much it cost. DX Racer Drifter series fit the bill and has been a surprisingly amazing chair considering the rep many 'gamer' chairs have. Not a sign of wear and tear and 0 squeaks or issues in 2 yrs of ownership. Handles the 20+ lbs of gear bolted to it without issue.
  18. For VR usage, Gamma down has a real pro/con result when is use. To eliminate banding in VR you need to crank gamma UP, not down, the higher you set gamma, the less banding there is, However, you basically are now flying in much brighter(too bright) night obviously. Lowered gamma also causes posterization of the ground textures and clouds at night along with the terrible, i mean absolutely terrible banding in the sky. Now if there were other adjustments we could make such as contrast and brightness along with gamma we maybe could tweak settings so the night time in VR would be much nicer but we only have gamma and it comes with consequences. Also, to really eliminate banding DCS would have to employ dithering or similar tech to really do away with it. Something I have asked about for ages with nothing coming back if feasible. They should, banding even shows up in daytime as well in the sky. I am real curious if the Pimax or other newer sets with higher quality panels will help ease the night time VR flying pain points. Also, DCS's ground lighting tech is terrible and just adds to the problems. We need this kind of sprite light tech in DCS. Maybe they could use it in their engine.
  19. Torso

    Rain Effects

    So it sounds like the issue with the rain on the hud glass should be easily solvable. Just make that glass texture like the canopies of the planes that have not been updated and it does not work for now. And apply the change to only the canopy glass texture. I mean this should be an easy fix. Also, it will be a real shame if the other modules don't see this for a long time..if never. There are many other good improvement tips by other posters here that should be looked into. The effect is a good start but I really hope they do not again, feel that it is just good enough and backlog the further work on it. Keep working on it please. It can get better with some eye for detail used in creating it. Details man, it is all in the freakin details.
  20. Took day off tomorrow, ready to dl map, pressure wash my deck while it dl's and then load into it and start exploring.
  21. After another full moon night flight the moon and indeed even the sun if you look at it are both scaled too small in the sky. These both need to be scaled up in size.
  22. +1 This was reported a while back and it never has been fixed.
  23. V1 Vive lighthouses will work just fine with the Pimax 8K.
  24. Apparently it was a highly requested thing from their subscribers. So he gave them what they asked for. It was interesting for sure...so better than most of the vids of theirs I have seen. So that was a plus.
  25. Can't help steer you, others will I am sure. But good luck to you guys and hope one day we are seeing some of your work in DCS! The more content makers the better I say. Side note: Been diving into Blender and Unity/Unreal engine to try some architectural visualization as well. I want to design my dream house and walk through it in VR.
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