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  1. I am not getting mine to update either. I have tried restarting pc. I see that the update/version checker window flashes then goes away and the game then just launches. Never had any issues prior and my autoupdate config does say branch openbeta. Not sure what to think why it is not working now. Okay, I manually ran the DCS updater and after 3 tries it found the update. Both prior times it reported I was up to date. So issue is resolved for me. My advice if still having an issue. Just kick it a few times. It will do what you want eventually.
  2. +1 Also as a VR pilot I really want a big cabined/cockpit bird to sit in. Something I can turn and look around in, switch positions and basically have a VR tour of the bird. That would such a breath of fresh air vs the cramped confines of the fighter cockpit to enjoy occasionally. One of the reasons I enjoy the Heli modules.
  3. Now a tornado would be fun to fly around and through I am imagining. 2012 LA style. Sadly these I see do not reach the ground nor affect plane flight models :pilotfly:.
  4. Is anyone aware if new lighting in 2.5 will address the lack of any glow from aircrafts afterburners on surrounding objects/terrain? I tested last night with a couple planes and none seem to produce any type of influence on the lighting which seems odd with a huge fire ball shooting out the rear. I had things cranked up too on a 1080 FTW.
  5. It would be great if when updated they resolve the spinning clouds in VR as well. Kinda goofy to see all the time. Another immersion killer.
  6. An issue to consider is the tying or mapping the hand representatives to your real controller/HOTAS and how that would all tie together. Imagine you are in a jet with a center stick at groin level, as in most center stick aircraft, but your HOTAS is up on your desk, or off to the side F-16 style. Would there be a position threshold of some kind that the hand representatives then materialize into view once lifted or stretched out using positional sensors, or would you be flying with the hand representatives floating in the cockpit relaying your true hand position at your desk/pit vs where they should be when on throttle and stick in the cockpit? How would this conflict be addressed elegantly? I have not seen one comment acknowledging this issue which is a pretty glaring one. I have both Rift and Vive, Leap..etc and tons of VR hours and it is an issue of this kind of feature/function I am curious as to how it could be handled. I could see also a need perhaps for a system to also need to be able to locate/track position of your HOTAS so that when hands are on them, perhaps it could resolve the spatial differences to the ones represented in-cockpit but this seems unlikely and a stretch of my imagination. Anyways..thoughts? Am I missing something obvious that negates this issue?
  7. I don't really get this argument for delaying or staggering releases. These aren't like movies from the same studio being released that only have a limited amount of time for their theater runs so one could take away sales from another, even though completely different movies. This is not that kind of product. I pre-ordered the Spit already. If the Vig is put on sale today, I would get it today. One is not taking away from the other. If a person can only afford one of the two, they will get the one they want most right now and maybe a secondary choice down the road. I would not assume someone is buying modules they do not really want just because it is available. There are modules I have passed on because I just don't have the desire for them. Even though I could own them all if I chose too. It just makes no sense for a product like this to delay selling one because another is also made available at the same time. I mean would you make more money after selling something for 6 months or 8 months?
  8. Yeah, so? I am not following you. It is up to us to put our gear down too. We manage to remember to do so most of the time as well without ED doing it for us. I think we who would use it would understand you need to zoom back out after employing the slider, same as 2d monitor/trackIR users have to do now. It would be pretty evident you weren't from the view perspective obviously to remind you. They already have a zoom employed in VR. We want it to be instead employed like it is for 2d monitor usage. Assign it to an axis and let us instead of hitting a button that zooms us in(to a very limited zoom factor currently), then returns us to orig view upon release as it is now. Let us have the zoom control we get out of VR. So what if it then is up to the user to draw his view back out to orig start pos. I want to zoom farther than they allow currently in VR but do allow for monitor/trackIR users. Heck if anyone needs to be able to see clearer/magnified at distant objects it is VR users. Why not allow this ability? Use if you like, don't if don't. But options are never bad. I don't get the fight to limit abilities that I see a lot here.
  9. +another 1! Let me use my WTHog's incr/decr-slider on the throttle for this function like our 2d brothers get too. Please.
  10. I hope It is okay to bump this thread with additional comments regarding the banding issue. In VR at night it is so bad it is pretty much an environmental immersion killer. I really hope that dithering is added or being considered for adding to help address this issue. As bad as it is for those using 2d monitors, in the Rift and Vive it is x amount of times worse. I love the NTTR map and wish I could not see literally huge distinct bands of color around mountains and cities while flying at night. I stopped as it was so bad. Please ED, address this issue or explain why it cannot be addressed. Most are adults here. We can take the truth :)
  11. I agree ST0RM. I loaded up some CBU-52's last night and dropped them and was thinking I screwed up something..the effect was 'less than impressive' to be polite. It was something I was gonna pop back in to revisit to see if it is user error in a bit. So timely post topic. Can anyone with more knowledge verify the behavior and even effect, visual and otherwise in game? Is this to be expected for this ordnance?
  12. Torso

    DCS: WW1?

    Exactly this. WW1 era is perfect for VR due to the style of fighting and the technology of the period. I would buy an expansions for this era in a heartbeat. I used to fly online in a WW1 sim called Flying Circus. Some of the most fun I had playing with other players. 20-30 per side. Capture the airfield. Such fun. If only that would be possible again but in VR. I want to look back over my shoulder in VR from my Sopwith Camels cockpit and see my scarf flapping back over my fuselage almost brushing my tail. :thumbup: Please make this happen. Someone please.
  13. I am so glad I took every Friday off for the rest of the year and a few weeks as well this coming holiday season. Even though I work from home and have access to 'check stuff out' during work hours it would be hard to focus right now...45% dl'd and taking it's sweet time.
  14. Nice to see peoples non-full cockpit setups. Here is mine, I try to use VR mainly. I custom made the HOTAS chair mounts and actually have an update coming to it shortly. Then it should be done. Next up is a micro motion platform for it..we shall see.
  15. I just picked up the F-5 and upon my 1st takeoff in it, blew both my rear tires. Something indeed does seem off about this behavior since the update.
  16. I just did a night flight and sure enough it is greatly improved. The sky now is black/dark vs the almost brown banded sky I had previously in the Rift and the stars are much more subtle/finer and 'correct'. I will say that the real remaining issue is the lack of dithering. The color banding is still pretty bad around distant hills/mnts and produces the brown bands that was the skies entirety for the most part before if that makes sense. They look terrible and just kill a bit what would be a great night time env with the improvements made.I really hope ED provides a fix either with an option in the future if it is a performance tax or hopefully just a baked in fix. Really needs it badly.
  17. So this is a new formation choice I need to make? Was flying last night and my wingman was still way out in the distance. Not home now to see if new options exist.
  18. Rift user here. I wish I could provide a scrnshot but I agree there is a huge difference in the color/sat or something after update. I actually am happy because I always felt in VR things got a bit washed out vs monitor. But the second I loaded into hangar menu I immediately said to myself 'whoa, an undocumented change?:thumbup:' So I just wanted to provide my take and agree with Msalama..some overall rendering change has taken place.
  19. I actually used mine up to WinXP before I moved on to other controllers. I read somewhere someone got it working with Win7 as well. I just see some very smart enterprising guys here in the forums who have done some cool one-off stuff and figured hey, maybe someone could mod it to work as all the mechanics are done essentially and it is just an issue of interface/drivers and maybe updating connection type I was guessing. Perhaps a much larger task than I was guessing.
  20. This is my 1st post ever in the ED forums after being a lurker for yrs. Thought a good time to pipe in as I have been creating my new VR chair HOTAS setup over the last couple of months. Actually CH produced a FFB jstick basically a FFB F-16 stick. I owned one for yrs and it was actually pretty decent and had a very strong FFB response. Not like a gamepad shaker/simple vibration at all. It really had varied feedback and was even at times a bear to handle it was so strong yet could slip into an almost non resistant state as well..pretty cool. I no longer have mine unfortunately but this thread caused me to take a look and what do you know. Can still find one! Maybe someone might want to grab it and see if they can mod it or use the Iforce api to work with DCS or similar. Check it out if you never have seen one or were aware of them. https://www.amazon.com/CH-Products-Feedback-Multi-Purpose-Controller/dp/B0103AVNKM Anyways. Thanks for causing me to not be a lurker any more. Torso(since 1998)
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