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  1. instead of fireAtPoint requiring a vec2 (thus being limited to ground level) have AAA be able to fire at a vec3 point with a spread, to make flak/AAA cover a area.
  2. I'm trying to make it easier to get player responses using a lua script, but haven't been able to find the "X: Start wait user reponse" function in lua. Does anyone have any idea of how one could achieve this through lua?
  3. Could anyone provide any info as to how to get a list of the available parameters for a aircraft?
  4. Did you ever end up finish the post? Looking into the same problem
  5. [REPORTED]Clients crashing on dedicated server upon landing Getting a lot of crashes on a dedicated server when clients land on a runway in Persian Gulf, all clients throw the following error before crash: C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION. Collected some logs from various users: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1SekDHiuV8HY0wJXI7kpXFcprkLaLQ3_a, If need be I can upload a track but it will likely be very very long. Hope it helps tracking it down.
  6. You can combine multiple device axis to control a single game axis (rudder) by setting them as a slider and limiting the saturation to 50, then add the second device axis and do the same, though you might have to check "Inverted". You might have to play around with it depending on your setup, but you can see how I set it up in the attached screenshots.
  7. Also fixed the throttle axis, only thing left is to fix the stiction and to paint the whole thing, I'd also like to get top-plate for the collective head with text printed.
  8. Here's an image of the collective head/control box with dimensions.
  9. You can achieve this behaviour in MMjoy by configuring two buttons for the same H/W button, one like you would normally (switch ON). For the second one, set mode to switch OFF.
  10. I'm using switches similar to an actual huey collective, so who on single throw, three double throw, one of which is momentary (governor). I'm using a arduino nano clone running MMjoy2. Here's a link with some solidworks/stl files that might be useful. Since making the video I've added a hat switch, fixed the throttle axis and switched to a higher resolution potmeter on the main axis. I'll make a video in the next few weeks.
  11. Thanks, I got this dampener via aliexpress, if you search for linear damper you'll find a bunch with a high variability in price (and quality I'd imagine). I only paid 20 euro's for the one I'm using but I'm not entirely happy with it, as it has some pretty big stiction issues near the end (collective down).
  12. Thanks! Once I've made some progress I'll make a video that'll go into more detail about the construction of the collective. At the moment the twist throttle isn't working yet as I'm waiting for a potentiometer to arrive. The pot meter will sit in the main (inner) tube which will have a rougly 120 degrees slot in it. The throttle (outer) tube will have a bolt that will go through the slot in the inner tube, through a hole in the potentiometer axis. hopefully these photos will make it more obvious. Here's another image showing the inside of the base, which holds the dampener and cou
  13. I'm currently in the process of building my own collective to use with DCS, and I've decided to make a about my progress so far.
  14. Great work on the mission! I'm having one problem though. When starting a cargo haul mission in a UH-1H, cargo loading fails because the aircraft is supposedly moving.
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