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  1. Hi all New version out. See top post. You can now autogenerate layout files. /Oakes
  2. hi sobe Aha...excel has probably added those " characters, no worries. You can see these if you open up the cvs file with notepad. EFFL UP (1) 16 Briefing won't show up because there is no matching tag in the svg templates. The script is only doing "search and replace" in the template files, if it cant find the tag nothing will happen. You need to edit the .svg files in the Templates folder (with Inkscape) in order to add the tag. Attached are files for the TMWarthog with bigger fonts (I had to split this up into 4 parts to fit the bigger font). Unpack these into the Templates
  3. hi sobe Good job breaking the script :) Turns out, SVG/XML doesn't like &"<> => CMS UP,15,P5 1&1x2 or CHAFF breaks the generated SVG file. Fixed in v 1.02 btw, you have some " in your comments in the F18 cvs file, doesn't matter since they are in the comments (#) but it is still odd that they are there. Which program do you use to edit the files? I suggest using a text editor like notepad or notepad++ for editing. /Oakes
  4. Hi mate Updated version above with USLetter (8.5x11 inch) templates. TMWH_SK_USLetter.SVG and TMWH_THR_USLetter.SVG are the ones you need. I also added templates + tags etc for MFD3 and 4 Note: I haven't changed any code to add this, only added templates with the correct tags + added the same tags to the .cvs files. /Oakes
  5. Hi all I wrote a little tool in AHK to generate SVG layout charts for the TM Warthog and F16 MFD:s. The tool takes a .csv file in which the key mappings are defined and generates several SVG files in different formats from a set of templates. NEW in V2: Added a script to autogenerate key map definition files from DCS via the exported HTML key mapping files. Do you bindings in DCS, export the bindings as HTML and run the scripts andyou will have a nice layout in about 2 min. All the graphics are vectors => you can scale as much as you like without any loss in quality. If you
  6. Hi all Just a couple of pictures of my custom-built ball-bearing gimbal. It is somewhat oversized/over-engineered :-), but works very well from a functional standpoint, can't go back to a normal stick now. The extra length really helps with precision but the real kicker for me is that when the stick is at the stops I can still easily push the buttons etc (since the angle of the stick versus the hand is only about 15 deg vs mabye 40 deg for a standard length joystick), much more comfortable. For USB I used one of Leo Bodnar's cards, the handle is still connected to the warthog base so
  7. I wish I had the time....full-time job + two kids:helpsmilie: Special tools are really not needed though, you can do this mod with a drill and a file. You need an USB hub, no room internally in the throttle though => my throttle now has two USB cables. USB is a host-controlled bus interface, there can only be one host per bus...so this won't work. /Oakes
  8. Hi all I finally broke down and decided to fix the Warthog Slew thingy. I understand that they tried to save a bit on the BOM cost but...:doh: Final result: Complete imgur album: Warthog Slew Replacement If you’re interested in the CNC I used for this mod, here are some really old videos of it in use: Youtube Below is a short guide, intended more as inspiration rather than an complete step by step guide on how to do this, be warned if you intend to do this you need to be able to read a wiring diagram, solder, manufacture a few parts out of plastic, calibrate the joystick in
  9. Hi mate Inform us...........:pilotfly: And good luck.... /Oakes
  10. Hi Jocman Sorry for being so quiet lately, some other stuff (good stuff) has taken priority in my life right now. Anyways, the code we tried earlier should work very well for this. http://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=1061261&postcount=125 You do need to change the name of the function, otherwise it wont work. /Oakes
  11. Hi Cezar {[10] = {TwoPositionSwitch, 60, 2, 1} 60 is the device number and 2 is the button number on the device that we want to change. So thin of 60,2 as the "adress" of the button you want to change. Devices are specified in the Devices.lua file and button numbers in clickableData.lua. So if you want to change a button/switch you first find the button/switch in clickableData.lua (below is the relevant line for the "K-041 Targeting-navigation system power switch"). elements["K-041-PTR"] = { class = {class_type.TUMB,class_type.TUMB}, hint = LOCALIZE("K-041 Tar
  12. Hi mate Unfortunately it is a little bit more complicated than that. The OC cards will not show up as HID buttons in DCS, you need to work with Export.lua etc to get this to work. Sort of a tutorial: Please see this thread, starts at post 53 (discussions between Stelios and me) http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=45071&page=6 /Oakes
  13. Thanks for the update, works like a charm. No more deadzone = me happy:thumbup: /Oakes
  14. Hi Jocman Yes, changing the pins will work as well. I don't know about the 9+ encoders, but at first glance it seems like one shouldn't connect two GND pins togheter..... /Oakes
  15. Hi Jocman No, you need to choose one of the [20] = {Encoder, 30, 1, 0.018}/ [20] = {Encoder, 30, 1, -0.018} lines to put into your siocConfig file. The "-" sign will just reverse the rotation if needed. When I connected my rotary and turned it clockwise the virtual rotary turned anti-clockwise so I need to reverse this => I added a "-" sign in front of the 0.018. /Oakes
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