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  1. Когда система стабилизации радара будет работать как надо, да и весь радар в целом, можно ли будет ожидать срыва захвата при больших угловых скоростях? Хотя уже и был фикс срыва, он ничего особо не пофиксил. Все равно лок гарантировано рвет, если цель на 40-50 градусов от оси самолета и при этом дать ролл.
  2. Почему нет мк20 в вооружении? Cbu-52b вообще должны домажить по небронированной технике, типа грузовиков? Или только пехота? У меня грузовичкам пофигу на любые попадания, не баг ли это?
  3. How ARBS calculate CCIP, gun and rockets solution? How it possible to calculats it, if target lock is needed? Ccip, gun and rockets sight floating from one point to another, there is no any time for calculating distance for target in moment when ccip/gun/rocket standing still. How it works?
  4. So, you guys will have it when hornet release. But why ED just cant give it to you right now, before we get? Or they just havent made it yet? And the last question: does it mean 100% yes for plus? You will have the radar anyway.
  5. Atleast mig have afterburner and air brake indicators...
  6. Can someone explain kh-66 Grom self-distruction conditions? Kh-66 have 10 km range, but in practice grom can be shoted from 15-18 km, if we launch missile from 6-8km altitude. But there is realy big problem - grom will blow up if distance from mig more than 8km or grom speed less than 1600 km/h. Without this self-distruction grom can be shoted from 20-22km, i suppos. Im not sure about distruction conditions, may be someone know? Actually we can't turn self-distruction off, it's obviously, but if we find trully distruction reason, may be we will increase practice grom range.
  7. Can we detect smoke marker rockets in triggers? I know how to access rocket type with weapon.flag, i can access vec3 position of rocket, but how i can detect ground hit? We have trigger condition "missile in zone" but it condition can't detect smoke marker rocket. I just need trigger zone that detect smoke.
  8. The only thing is really needed is 6 super 530d rockets. This is mirage 2000-5, i know, but i already saw a post about impossibility to use 4 magics, but we have it in-game, so, i have a hope about 6 530d missiles
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