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  1. Можно внести ясность по поводу A-G оружия - что можно и чего нельзя? Для виггена нет ПКР вообще на филдах, есть хармы, но написано что ПРР выключены. Jf-17 будет?
  2. Event: 1v1 Squadron Name: /simg/ Contact person Discord ID: havko#0847 Aircraft Selection: F/A-18C Pilot Russia - havko
  3. Hello, made first 4 mission of my little campaign. Looking for feedback - gonna make more missions or changes if people around is found that needed. You can fing it here: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3307340/ Here's the situation: Air war between the United Arab Emirates and Iran for control of the Strait of Hormuz. Since the end of 1980, the military conflict between the two coalitions has continued. The "North" represented by Iran and Iraq with the support of China and USSR against the "South" represented by the UAE and Oman with the support of the United States. Iran-Iraq alliance has MiG-21, MiG-23, Su-25, F-14 and a small amount of F-5E Their air defense consists of SA-2, SA-3 and SA-6 systems. Also, there are numerous AAA systems like “Shilka” and “Gepard” The UAE and Oman air forces have F-4E and F-5E. You’re going to be a pilot of F-5E-3 fighter tail number 07 in the 2nd Tactical Fighter Squadron. F-5E-3 is not the most modern and advanced aircraft for 1982, so you have to avoid open confrontation with enemy forces. Your primary tasks will be actions behind enemy lines, various support and reconnaissance missions, as well as actions in difficult conditions. Get ready for ultra-low altitude flights, radio navigation, land navigation, flight routes with precision for each waypoint up to the minute, flights in bad weather conditions, night flights, and the use of various tactical means such as smoke marker rockets or illuminate bombs. In most missions, it will be necessary to avoid open confrontation with technically superior enemy, whether it is fighters or SAMs.
  4. Havko Lonewolf Russia 150ms JF-17 or F-5E Red Side
  5. Also, is there a Hornet's MSI-like functional in the JF-17? Not sure are we going to get datalink tracks on radar page
  6. Im not sure about how feature complete really JF-17 is. Of course Deka did a great job and that plane is the one of the best EA releases in DCS history, but... Besides AAR, are we going to ger something else? I think i heard about hornet FPAS-like page, but can't fing it right now. Does Jf-17 has it? What about MSI-like fuctional? Thing that shows D/L contact on radar screen and you can slave your radar to D/L contact before you actually spot it with your own radar? Anything about countermeasures programm selection via hotas only? Some additional HSD functional like north-up/heading-up map orientation? Again, i'm not sure and can't be sure because there is no real-life manual for that plane, but i think those systems and "quality of life" things is common thing for modern jets like JF-17. Just curious, what is subject to change except known bugs, AG-radar and AAR capability?
  7. Looks like Sensor UP/Sensor DOWN not changing TGP FOV, but Axis radar elevation control does that. Can we have exactly the same buttons that changing radar elevation AND TGP's FOV?
  8. Just imagine what you can do with that missile in MP. My first (and last) sortie in the MP with Mk60 phoenixes was like tell the jester to lock the enemy, shot one from 30 miles, turn 180 and fly away, then get the kill. Repeated 4 times, got 4 kills. I know it's not the HB fault but can't wait that to be fixed
  9. Yep, impossible, even if you notch the radar, it’s useless, because it has two radars - one is good and can alarm your RWR and can be notched, second is magical, the problem is AIM-54 using it’s magical radar >Nothing new….. Well, another dude thought it's a "dreams are so bluе dreams..", but it's clear that aim-54 is the dumbest missile in the game as OP said, and it's tracking from any distance and tracking through the mountains, and yes you can't notch it. I can make another video with notching, but i think you should test it better yourself, to be honest i’m a little afraid of your tomcat fans denialism.
  10. Here is the video and tac view Tacview file: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1DQN5I5nPF1hAvzLKDjQ6cKJnWS4jIPk6/view?usp=sharing
  11. Ok, i'll make a video for you and for the second guy. But you wont believe it, im sure. So my question is: what is your time zone? I'll host the server with simple mission (or you can host, there is no difference) so you will see this with you own mk1 eyeball
  12. Right now aim-54 is: 1. Magicly tracking from any distance without any RWR spikes, it's tracking even if F-14 that launched the missile is already went to spectators. 2. It's tracking through the mountains 3. It's impossible to notch, because it has it's own magical tracking and even if you notch the radar and drop the spike, it continue to track you. You can defeat it only kinematically or force it to hit the surface
  13. Event: 1v1 Squadron Name: none Teamspeak/Discord: havkoduk#0847 Contact person: me Aircraft Selection. F-18 Pilots: Viper 6
  14. Какова официальная позиция разработчика по поводу пилонов BRU-55/57? А конкретно сдвоенное управляемое вооружение, типа ждамов, мавериков, жсов и прочего? Будет или не будет? И будет ли возможность на MER-41 вешать не только тренировочное, но и мк82 и мк20/cbu-99? Вроде как в файле вооружения было, но закомментированно, но все работало и сбрасывалось. Будет или не будет? Спасибо.
  15. Грунтовки не работают. Надо чтобы можно было заправлять/реармить самолет на нем.
  16. Когда допилят грунтовые ВПП? Я так понял это должно работать как фарп, но без ацтецкой пирамидки, чтобы можно было не только вертолеты и харриер сажать на них.
  17. Of course i know about it and i'm talking about this function. Try to release a bomb with different HT (500, 1500, 3000) and you will see that bomb always burst at 1500.
  18. I noticed that cbu and rockeye will always burst at 1500ft, and HT option makes no sense. Is it still WIP or i'm doing something wrong?
  19. Это уже сложный и долгий труд - сделать так чтобы модельки были контрастны на фоне неба/земли, это не 1 пиксель включить. Такой тонкой настройки можно не ждать особо.
  20. It is not a export option, all this thing can be applied for any F-5, even for A/B We didn't get a mavs because there is no documentation on radar screen, not because it's "only export option", don't know where you found this point from bst devs about export and US tigers. As i know we still have a little chances for agm-65, but for now all BST devs working with ED on F-18, and can't spend time on F-5. When f-18 will be finished, we may get an update.
  21. Проблема лишь в том, что контакт сейчас - это 1 пиксель. Поэтому на 1440 вообще ничего не видно, а некоторые скручивают разрешение и видят здоровые черные кляксы. В 1.5 было решение с 3д-спрайтами, только там не было нормальной настройки и от них решили отказаться, вместо того чтобы довести до ума. Сейчас же зачем то мучают вирпила 1 пикселем, что весьма иронично, ведь в той же тундре или ил2 про это шутили и называли "пиксельхантингом". Стоит наверное сделать хотя бы НЕ 1 пиксель, а кружочек из нескольких, а в идеале отвязать это от пикселей, чтобы было одинаково на разных мониторах. Еще есть проблема с обнаружением самолетов на фоне земли, когда это уже моделька а не пиксель, то есть близко, но это вопрос еще сложнее и требует долгих подгонов и решения множества неочевидных моментов. Надеюсь, этим вопросом займуться вместе с фиксом множества проблем мультиплеера.
  22. The easiest upgrade is lau-100(m) and lau-101(m), no needs in additional switches or cockpit changes, just a new pylons and some changes in missiles logic. http://tigercenturyaircraft.com/upgrade-kits/aim-9lm-missile-kits/ AERIAL REFUELING MODIFICATION KIT, not so easy because 1 additional switch needed. http://tigercenturyaircraft.com/upgrade-kits/f-5-aerial-refueling-modification-kit/ And the hardest one, http://tigercenturyaircraft.com/upgrade-kits/f-5-agility-enhancement-kits/ New LEX, changes in model and of course in a flight model. Any chances for this, or another F-5E upgrade, coming with MAC? What BST said about Mavs, any news on apg-159 1 or 2 versions documentation?
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