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  1. Thanks for the video, but I had already watched it too! And thanks for the patch with the Turkish flag with Jandarma text! I think I can use it as a patch, because the real patch looks more realistic on the texture, instead of a simple drawing with an artificial embroidered effect, and unfortunately there isn't a embroidering effect for the software I use. Well, I have already made all the texts and adhesives, but I also made many other things as the main text "Jandarma" with a gradient effect in red and blue colors for the side of fuselage, and I also began drawing the side lines for the
  2. Hi. ebabil, Thanks for your comment! Well the pictures you showed are cool, this is a nice helicopter painting. Yes, it wouldn´t be impossible to do it, cause it hasn´t so much details, but the only thing that takes a few more time to do is to adjust the curved lines to match them. I saw that this painting has some warning texts written on the helicopter fuselage, but I couldn´t see what these texts say. I should have to zoom them in to reproduce exactely as they are. Maybe, I have to search for more other reference photos for making this skin. :book: I won´t promiss to you that I wi
  3. Hi Bedouin! Thanks for your words! I am really very glad to know that people are liking my textures! It is a very good motivation! :thumbup:
  4. Hi Kappi, Thank you very much!!! I am glad that you liked it! :)
  5. Hi, I made some new textures based on the russian "FSB Spetsnaz" ( Special Forces ) real model "Mi-8 MNP-2", with the identification number "RF-23107", and another texture based on the real russian "FSO Spetsnaz" ( Federal Protective Service of Russia), helicopter, with the identification number "RF-20461". These textures contain all the same details, such as colors, symbols and warning signs according to real helicopters of FSB, FSO and of Brazilian Navy. All the fuselage symbols/signs and warning adhesives follow the real measurements according to official manuals of Russian Aviation a
  6. Я сделал некоторые новых текстур на основе настоящего модели вертолета "Ми-8 МНП-2" ( "Спецназа ФСБ" ), идентификационного номера "RF-23107", и еще одной на основе реального вертолета идентификационный номер "RF-20461" ФСО России. Эти текстуры содержат все детали, такие как , цвета, символы и предупреждающие надписи для вертолетов, которые мы можем увидеть на этих настоящих вертолетах ФСБ и ФСО. Я сделал эти текстуры с целью создания миссий DCS для специальных операций в качестве антитеррористических, с использованием групп спецназа, как известные группы: Альфа, Вымпел, ГРУ и многие др
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