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  1. G'day, is there a bug with HAWK sites breaking persistence on Scarlet Dawn with the latest version? I've reset all persistence files in the root DCS directory. Every other type of construction gets written to the persistence file properly, and the 'ScarletDawnConstructions.lua' file gets a new 'Date Modified' timestamp, until I construct a HAWK site, and then the file will no longer get updates written, even after waiting 30 minutes. I will admit I did modify a few of the constructables, (mainly swapping out the Avenger Humvee for a AAA unit, and lowering the crate count required for everything bar the HAWK site, as I only run the mission solo or in very small groups), though the HAWK is the only constructable that I didn't modify. I can drop my persistence files or helo operations lua file if that helps. Otherwise, thanks heaps for the mission, been loads of fun!
  2. The player flight will always launch at '0 minutes' - unfortunately right now I don't think there's a way to have the aircraft launch a simulated 4 minutes 'ahead' of you. The best you could do as a bit of a workaround is have other aircraft launch at the same time as you - but just wait on the ramp for a few minutes for the other flight to go ahead. Not sure how feasible it'll be on a carrier, but I have done this with good results from land bases. As an example (I'm leading a 2-ship of Vipers as a striker flight, and I want some Eagles to fly ahead to provide CAP to cover us) - I'll schedule both my own flight AND the CAP flight to 'launch' at the same time - however I will wait on the ramp for 2-3 minutes and then start taxiing. (I like to use this time to get extra S.A by watching the F10 map, commanding artillery, etc.) While this is a bit of a workaround, it seems to work quite nicely. Hope that helps! :)
  3. First off, thanks a bunch for putting this script out there, it's super awesome! Second, I have a question - I'm trying to use this alongside CTLD to make it so that I can airlift units from a FARP, drop them in a 'staging/reinforcement area' and then have those troops get added to a task force, but nothing I've come up with seems to work, unfortunately. I'm currently using it like this, in the understanding that every 60 seconds it will check what's inside the Base Zone named "AGFT_Staging ..." - but this doesn't seem to be working. BLU_TF_2 = autogft_Setup:new() :setCountry(country.id.USA) :startUsingRoads() :addBaseZone("AGFT_StagingArea_Blu") :addControlZone("OBJ_E") :addControlZone("OBJ_C") :addControlZone("OBJ_W") :addControlZone("OBJ_SUK") :setReinforceTimer(60) Any help would be much appreciated.
  4. Interestingly, when I initialize the aircraft with the RN-24/RN-28 nukes, the panel is there. Also works when I re-arm. The panel also appears for the SPS Jammer/Countermeasures pod.
  5. As the title explains - I equipped the UPK-23-250 gunpods on both inner pylons, and when I went into the cockpit, it didn't add the overhead panel that is supposed to be there. This renders the UPK pods unusable. I've tried changing the avionics language, checking I didn't have any custom cockpits installed, I've tried adding the gunpods in the mission editor and in-game via the re-arm menu, and regardless of what I do, the panel still doesn't seem to appear.
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