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  1. Sharpie?! You mean grease pencil! TC 3-04.44 4-97
  2. Nope Haven't changed it at all, BUT since posting this I did try unchecking shortcut is invoked check box on the transmit function, and left it checked on the the stop transmitting function and it seemed to have fixed it for now. I guess I will test it in game. But all the other keybinds have that checked on both functions so I don't know how it works...:pilotfly:
  3. I had a question about the PTT for the intercom, TX5. I know when I use the keyboard and press the 5 button it works as it should (press and hold for listening, release for stop listening) I am trying to bind that to my TX4 on my TM warthog by disabling the TX4 command and switching it to TX5 but when I do that and press and hold nothing happens. When I release the button it now starts listening. I can't figure out a way to fix this
  4. Thanks it works in single player, my question was for online with multiple map markers it sets the steerpoint to someone else’s map marker.
  5. Alright. You guys cleared some stuff up for me, Is anyone using Viacom Pro with Airio that can see the jester menu? Because I am unable to have the menu pop up when using voice attack
  6. Hey guys I had some questions about putting down map markers in multiplayer and navigating to them. I use Voice attack and Viacom Pro as well so I notice the jester menu doesn't pop up for me. So I know that if you place a map marker you can set it as a steerpoint 1-3 but how does it work on multiplayer with other f-14. I can't seem to get him to enter the right steerpoint because he is picking up someone else map marker. Or am I just completely wrong here and I am doing something screwed up. Thanks!
  7. Oh my god this is amazing. I’ve been wanting to do this forever... *with other planes but this is perfect for the f16*
  8. +1 for the VR comment. I can’t fly DCS without VR and the MFDs make it nearly impossible to do so!
  9. This defeats the programming? I was wondering how I could get that to work because I dont usually dump 20 flares and chaff at one time.
  10. I knew the Tpod would cause some drag to the right... I was wonder if other people were experiencing the trim issue as well lol
  11. I agree. For Early Access, in my opinion I think the F-16 is fantastic. Sure there are things that need to be worked on, but that is the risk you take when you purchase anything EA. I think its time for ED to celebrate with a little champagne for releasing such a beauty.
  12. Basically what I have done was just add one random way point to the F-16 group and it fixed it. If you load in and there aren't any you are SOL and have to use the guesstimation method on your bomb release. But if you are dropping dumb bombs it will have to be in CCIP till they can fix it. Or just add a waypoint to all your f-16 groups.
  13. Well from what I'm reading people are just guesstimating the drop distance, and well if your laser is on the GBU is going to track it, that's how you hit it lol
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