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  1. We're absolutely looking for some more BuDs! We've got a great group together so far, send a PM on over to GTFreeFlyer, and be prepared to answer some seriously hard questions like, what do you fly? ;) Hope to see you in the skies.
  2. as of the latest patch, hit backspace.
  3. Been getting a crash every sortie I fly in MP after the update, maybe related? Flying with Jester in a contact heavy zone. Here's one of my logs dcs.log.txt
  4. Anyone able to confirm this happens specifically when you loose an engine before going down? Every time this has happened to me, I've lost an engine due to damage before actually crashing.
  5. Same, tried a few different things, switched slots, cross bleed start, right engine just doesn't come up sometimes after losing the bird. This has been on the 104th server, I did not experience this -at all- in day one, day two and onward it started to crop up.
  6. Greetings, Saw a thread over on Hoggit which stated that we can't jump to the RIO seat in MP as a single pilot with no player RIO. Wondering if this is accurate or not? If not, will this ever be implemented in the future? Thanks for your time, :thumbup:
  7. Wonder if I could get some help, suddenly my SRS just stopped working. I have reinstalled it, deleted all the scripts/program files directory, ect, than reinstalled it. It runs in admin mode, it used to work fine than one day it stopped working. Here's my log file Loaded Terrain - SimpleRadio Standalone! Loaded SimpleRadio Standalone Export version: ERROR: [string "C:\Users\undaw\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Scripts\DCS-SimpleRadioStandalone.lua"]:1908: attempt to call method 'is_on' (a nil value) ERROR: [string "C:\Users\undaw\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Scripts\DCS-SimpleRadioStandal
  8. Awesome work man, much appreciated!
  9. Wow, that looks awesome man, great work!
  10. Yessir, third picture is already ingame as 323 high visibility.
  11. Would anyone be willing to make this a reality? We currently have this one But the 401 snake is just more badass, and we all know just how badass we need to look when we're out there, killing friend.........er properly identifying targets, and destroying the enemy units :D
  12. Some skins I use, dunno if they're worthy of the pack, but I figured I'd post em.
  13. It's not really a "night focus" it just kinda goes through the day/night cycle. The server also starts at different times when it restarts, sometimes night, sometimes not. Sadly, in the same boat as you, almost always gotta fly in the dark =(. One thing people have been doing is turning differed shading off at night to help visibility, haven't tried it myself but, they say it makes it playable.
  14. From the briefing Callsign | Type | Frequency | TACAN | Intended Use Airframe
  15. Are you guys running with DECS on?
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