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  1. Great Job!!! SF_Kapsu for Winning the TopGun 2017.
  2. There has never been a better time to join TAW DCS! With our recruiting staff working around the clock to prepare for new recruits. Come check us out! TAW DCS offers: Weekly Missions Training Mission Development Organization Innovation Professionalism And good ol' fun! Sign up today at http://Http://www.tawdcs.org Questions? Comments? Concerns? Email me at hafody@taw.net See you soon!
  3. PVE, HUMAN vs AI mission What is Operation "VENDETTA"? Operation “VENDETTA” consists of 30 players per mission, plus 1 GCI slot, that will work together completing common objectives and receiving mission points towards a team total for the event. The airframe chosen at the time of registration, will be the only one allowed to fly for each pilot. You can only participate in one team mission, during the month long event. It is possible to signup as a team, but max 10 fighters/strikers/choppers per mission, we do need individual signups so we have contact details. Lone wolves ar
  4. What is the best way to get a group which consists of one airframe to respawn back to original base it departed from after landing at a different base...???
  5. Grimes that would be great if you could implement it for slmod or mist.... Looking forward to what you come up with....
  6. Hello Ciribob, I wanted to know if its a way to use DCS SRS for our live ATC who uses LOTatc and dont log into DCS so they can communicate the ingame players on the TAW server on 251.000? Is it possible?
  7. Help in Setting up MIST on DCS server and implementing respawn of enemy planes I would like to know how to implement MIST in DCS for respawning enemy planes on mission created for target practice? Ty in advance.
  8. Hello Chromius, I now have a F-15 Ch mod programmed, if u need a copy its can be downloaded to the ch manager for your hotas, throttle and pedals
  9. That worked ,,, Thank you very much Grimes. That did it Grimes, Thank you very much for the help..... greatly appreciated.. everything is up and running. wanted to know more about your mist scripts.. do they allow ai planes to respawn and if so how would u set that up?
  10. Here is the Data from the DCS Log file I have copied and paste the DCS log file and this after reinstalling SLmod same thing...... 00042.119 INFO LuaNET: SLMOD INIT: Loading Slmodv7_5_076... 00042.160 INFO LuaNET: SLMOD WARNING: no config file detected. 00042.185 INFO LuaNET: SLMOD INFO: using default config settings. 00042.197 INFO LuaNET: SLMOD WARNING: ./Scripts/MissionScripting.lua is not up to date. Installing new ./Scripts/MissionScripting.lua. 00042.198 ERROR VFS: VFS_open_write: CreateFile(./Scripts/MissionScripting.lua): Access is denied. 00042.198 INFO L
  11. On Newest update of DCS 1.5 current as of today.. SL Mod not working giving me a mission script error, how can that be fixed? ty in advance keeps giving a attemp to index global slmod send data in mainchunk error
  12. Hello. Tanker ... wanted to know do u still have the profile and maps for the ch fighterstick and pro throttle for the F-15 u mentioned above..... the link is dead..
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