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  1. I surely hope, all you "30 % cut" people never buy anything on the ED store on sale or use any bonus points, since it would undermine the only somewhat sensible argument that tries to paint the standalone in a better light. Also, buy your butter directly from the producer, don't support supermarkets, they take a cut! Or cars. Or anything you'll ever buy. And no sales, ever. Furthermore, what to do with the 3rd party developers? ED certainly takes a cut from them to support the development of the DCS environment, which they all use. Buy directly from them? This certainly does not get rid
  2. In a similar thread I gave a slightly longer answer to this question: https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=3691162&postcount=10 In general both are very similar and if you don't need to have a very specific feature you could choose any of them. Ifd you already have games on Steam I suggest you go with it. Note that this is a bit of a loaded question around here and difficult to get useful answers. Specifically, people who strongly like to push the standalone version tend to write false statements about Steam or come up with shaky arguments.
  3. So you are saying you are not able to move the pixel density slider to 1.5, or less, which makes the game unplayable to you? Or does this fix not work for you?
  4. Possible solution I've experianced the same issue: shortly after starting DCS openbeta (, via Steam) in the main menu the blob appears, starting red, changind to yellow and then to white. I've tried running SteamVR as most recent stable, as well as SteamVR beta, happens with both. I'm using nvidia 1080 ti (driver: 417.35) and Vive Pro. Possible solution: I've started playing with some graphics settings within DCS. When I increased the pixel density (VR Tab) to al value larger than 1.5 the blob appears, for 1.5 and below this value it seems to be fine.
  5. They create the textures from photographs of planes that are on display in museums, therefore it is highly likely that this will be the main reason why they look so used - they are. This is what the term "photogrammetry" means. This, and the reconstruction of an object. Textures that make the plane look like it comes directly from the factory require certainly much more work, as compared to the texturing from photographs already requires. Therefore, I would expect "factory-new" textures further down the line, if they make them at all. It may, however, help Heatblur to adjust th
  6. Steam and Stand Alone version are very close to each other. I suggest you base your decision on if you already use Steam for other games, if you are into having multiple different versions of the game installed at once (!) and if you are patient with new module releases. The point of having other games via Steam should probably given the highest priority when deciding. If you are into VR and considering to use a HTC VIVE you need Steam anyway. I don't know what your background on playing computer games is. As you are new to this forum you may also be new to DCS (hence your question in th
  7. +1 Would like to see this as well!
  8. Just saw in the recent OB patch (, Steam) that the AI Viggen uses the thrust reverser in mid air, well at least the animation. I was under the impression that this was only possible with weight on wheels. Am I misunderstanding this? Also AI Viggen, when flying at about 261 knots IAS starts to pitch up and down in fast succession which seems to be an animation issue and not to influence the flight path.
  9. Maybe the community could help ED a bit, if there are individuals interested in doing so. How about this: Focusing on ground units or static objects, ED could define what the constrains are in terms of poly count, texture maps, moving parts and so on. They could make the models available that are in the sim right now, such that there is a base to start from. Then people from the community could pick them up and refurbish them. ED could perform some final adjustments and put them in the sim. Maybe this could reduce the workload a bit. Furthermore, new objects could be added this way a
  10. Why not use open beta via Steam? On Steam you can switch easily between open beta and stable: In your library, right click on the DCS entry --> "Properties" --> "BETAS" tab --> choose desired version from drop-down menu
  11. Well, definitely needs more cow bell! By doctor's prescription, obviously...
  12. I'll just leave this here, hoping to aid with some peoples text comprehension...
  13. I tested the comms again yesterday. Either I did something wrong earlier, or yesterdays patch fixed it. However, With M and entered frequency I'm now able to contact the tanker just fine.
  14. I've also experienced some issues with contacting the tanker from the hornet. Even when selecting the predefined frequency (251.000) for radio 1 the option for the tanker is greyed out. Using M on the second radio lets me contact the tanker. I was flying with the Vive. When I contacted the tanker, using the mapped comm 2 button on my HOTAS, the rejoin request worked fine. However, when trying to send the "ready pre-contact" I seem to have the radio options, which are floating at the top right corner of the view, in my field of view. Just to be clear. I do not need to click
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