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  1. Will that update include the new clouds, or just the Hornet features? Either way, I’m looking forward.
  2. Great stuff. Looks like Hornet is going to have a great update day.
  3. They’re probably showing off the new clouds.
  4. Can anyone tell me where I can find this .dds file? I've been searching for it for a while with no luck. Also looking for the A10CII pilot texture. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. I know it's going to pull to the right, more so with the TGP, so what I do on takeoff is line up just left of centerline, and not go into burner immediately. I give it power until it starts to pull, correct the pull, and when I have it under control, plug in the burner. Landing is not that hard for me to control. I will definitely be glad when ED works this out tho.
  6. Weapons Troop here too scrape! Without Weapons, it's just another airline! If you ain't ammo, you're waitin on em! 462/2W1 for life!!
  7. I just edited the pilot texture. I simply colored the light skin brown using Photoshop. Really simple task.
  8. Why is it nonsense that the OP wants a pilot with darker skin? I wanted one too, so I made one.
  9. I just edited my pilot dds. Came out great. Now I have an African American pilot.
  10. Where is the option located? Couldn't locate it in settings menu. edit: NVM, found it in the place I never thought to look!
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