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  1. I followed the Warthog Project also. His warp is on the entire screen, but mine is in the center like yours @kenpilot. What is the key bind to warp the screen once I’m in DCS?
  2. The surfaces don’t always droop when the jet shuts down.
  3. Those are GBU-12s being loaded in the video. The bomb body IS a BDU-50, but once the CCG and fins are installed, it becomes a GBU-12. I'm an F-16C weapons load tech, so I'm just dropping you some knowledge my friend.
  4. BDU 50 is the exact same as a BDU 45. 50 is Air Force, 45 is Navy.
  5. Ripple single, release pulses as needed, spacing 999, 400 kts. at 2000ft. That will give you a great footprint. That’s what I use.
  6. I love it too @ Panther. I also have over 20 active duty years on Vipers as a Weapons Troop and still work them as a contractor here at Luke. When I OP’d this thread, I thought I would share something that was told to me by a member of my VFS who is also a Viper Crew Chief. I had no idea that was actually how it works IRL. I’ve done thousands of ICTs and didn’t know that they opened the door to Hotpit. How would I, I’m a weapons troop right? Thanks for teaching this old guy something. Knowledge is power!
  7. There is a work around for refueling the jet on the ground with empty external tanks. Open the refueling door, and ask for refuel. The tanks will start to take on fuel. I don’t know if it works for other jets. I was told this by a squadron mate, and it works. Give it a try. Hope it helps.
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