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  1. Splash damage is modelled although the effect is arguably kind of weak, but shrapnel damage isn't modelled at all.
  2. And your evidence for these claims is available where exactly? Because you sure don't seem to want to publish it here.
  3. Yeah, still broken the last I checked. Kind of does not increase your confidence in their ever fixing any of these, TBH.
  4. Since DCS purports to be a realistic simulator, you don't have a point if you're demanding some kind of balancing.
  5. Never, EVER, get her filled up to the max, taken DCS's small maps into account. 33% or thereabouts is good, even with a CAS / ground attack loadout strapped on I've found.
  6. Well, some of us just aren't that patient. A spillover from having flown lesser sims in the past, I'm sure.
  7. Well, this. That's a good point as well and not having them available does indeed lessen the "ergonomics" of the bird somewhat.
  8. No it isn't, or at least wasn't, when I last flew it to combat. That chopper IMO has an even worser glass jaw than does the Huey.
  9. You guess wrong. Read up on it and educate yourself, since you clearly don't have a clue. Indeed. But who's the bigger fool here? Is it us because we keep on nibbling at the bait, or the guy who's trolling?
  10. Most aviation historians, experts and hobbyists are of the opinion that it was an excellent fighter plane, whereas a complete stranger without any credentials off the Internet thinks it's terrible. So whom am I to believe here, I ask you :D
  11. Yet another apology, but thanks anyway BN. In the meantime though, my decision of not buying from you still stands until the Yak is finally completed. But thanks again regardless.
  12. Well that right there is your first mistake, because the DCS AI cheats so bad. You just cannot do any meaningful comparisons unless fighting against a human adversary.
  13. Yeah, but what exactly was the fix? A new file by Mustang? Is it downloadable somewhere?
  14. That's the one I was thinking about, thanks. And the bird's not even a replica it seems, but a restored original... WOW!
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