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  1. Congratulations on your work with the USAF. Interested in this part as well. Keep us posted!
  2. FETUS


    Nice work and touching tribute. My brother and I bought my Dad a ticket on that bird for his birthday a few years back. Sad that it went down. RIP to souls that were lost.
  3. Bought as a set, kept the throttle. Didn't use the stick. Appears brand new in wrap. Manual and CD included for you if you're into that. Thanks! $100 USD Shipped CONUS FIRM SOLD
  4. Thanks, I just shipped it back to the seller to deal with. Will keep that in mind when I get another!
  5. Hey all. Got burned by an Ebay Seller on a Cougar HOTAS setup. Did a horrible job packing it and the VHF/UHF Antenna switch broke clean off. Anyone know if TM still sells parts for it? In process of a PayPal/Ebay Dispute but just wanted to see if it can be repaired. Thanks. https://photos.app.goo.gl/D9pT3Lhc59oABkZL6
  6. Got an extra one. Brand new in wrap. Comes with plastic screens. You can run this as a 3rd controller through settings in Win 10. $45 USD shipped Paypal (you pay fees) or Venmo or Money Order International buyers shipping at your expense
  7. Firecat, Please add me to the list, please. Thanks!
  8. With the cost of RAM coming down these days, it’s a worthy upgrade to go to 32GB for DCS. I usually have other programs running in background.
  9. I looked at my grip wanting to do the AV8B trim hat mod but looks like the base trim on the crown and trim hat are two different sizes and not interchangeable. Either that or they are really flush to the grip. That and the wire lengths may be different.
  10. Subscribed. As I see that now DCS has a CaptoGlove setting in the Main Menu.
  11. Very nice skins. Can't wait to add them. Just stumbled upon this thread. I got to ride in an SH-60 during a survival course at NAF El Centro many years ago. This one landed near my house during a American Heroes helicopter airshow at our local park.
  12. I run the Jet Seat with a Butt Kicker. It can be a bit challenging to setup. I use Rift S and run the butt kicker on a splitter cable from a separate sound card. I like running it when doing air to ground with A10 and really crank it up with the GAU. My wife often asks what I'm doing that is making so much noise. :pilotfly:
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