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  1. https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=283532 New improved INS alignment
  2. Well, I am able to get the coordinates from the map but the informations I need are in a different format than the ones shown in DCS: Refer to the data exposed in my first post. Coordinates are not in degres.decimals and referece of easting and northing ....where to get them? I think I need some words for the developpers if possible. Awyway, thanks for your interest Kind regards
  3. Hi, is it possible to get some information about the map? Ex: inside the Caucasus Theater there is "Caucasus.MapCoords.lua" file with useful data : a = 6378245 b = 6356863 k0 = 1 long0 = 33 feasting = 499600 fnorthing = -1800 dcs_origin_x = 599517 dcs_origin_y = 4998115 LatitudeCenter = 43.6966666666667 LongitudeCenter = 32.96 WinterTimeDelta = 3 SummerTimeDelta = 4 utmzone = 36 Can we have same data about Syria? Thanks a lot for your collaboration Kind regards AMVI_Hawk
  4. :thumbup: Thanks a lot Swift, all clear :thumbup:
  5. Yes , surely ok with LGB but how to use AUTO with the MAV-E? Is it possible? I saw that now only TRIG option is available if MAV-E selected and for me it is not so user friendly a) lock a target in OPR MODE (so you maybe can slew the TGP again) b) swap SOI to MAV c) start Lase with Trigger in order to lock the MAV since here all OK Consider that your lock is made far away from the target and, while your are approaching it, you maybe need or want to refine your lock, helped by the increased image on the FLIR. At this point you need to slew again with the TDC. So: d) stop trigge
  6. Hi, I did not find something related to this issue so, I post this one. First of all, on previous video about MAV-E, from 12 to 8 months ago, I noted that the second MAV to be fired is CAGED. This seems to be correct because the cover shall protect the camera/sensor of the closest MAV from exhaust gas or dust becoming from the fired MAV. But now, after uncaging the first MAV, all the other remain UNCAGED , notwithstanding trying to CAGE them selecting the MAV page with the Sensor Control Switch. Sure not related to this, I also noted that sometimes with TDC depress when on FLIR pa
  7. Hi gentlemen, Sorry to re-open this issue. I do not understand why if my sensor is on the FLIR page, the hotas command RAID /FLIR FOV does not function correctly. I am operating over the FLIR not over the MAV65E. Furthermore, the DDI buttons operate correctly: it is only the hotas command which is inoperative. Notwithstanding the rule that the MAV65E take priority I think that the hotas function RAID/FLIR FOV should work. Kind regards
  8. Hi, Unfortunately you're not alone. Yesterday, during a multiplayer mission over NTTR: takeoff regular for all people while someone experienced an "underground landing". We hope to receive a fix soon.... Regards
  9. Dear Friends, Starting from middle April 2019, AMVI (Aeronautica Militare Virtuale Italiana) would like to collaborate with pilots from External groups in order them to participate at our activity on DCS. Missions will be carried out on differetnt theaters (Caucasus, NTTR, Persial Gulf) with all modules availables on DCS: A-10 Warthog, F/A-18C Hornet, F-5E Tiger, KA-50 Black Shark and many other, according to your preferences. Your are invited to participate to our events, usually on Monday, meeting time is UTC 20:00 (Italy local Time 21:00). All pilots will fly into an intense theater
  10. While the green dot has been fixed, the red lights issue is still alive
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