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  1. Since they share the same missile that's tricky. Best I could think of would be to separate them, which would still allow MiG-21s to get them, but they'd have to ferry to another base first. Hardly optimal.
  2. Absolutely hilarious. Well done. I guess green screen tech isn't nearly as expensive and complicated as it once used to be, but it's still a whole lot of work to set it all up I'm sure. Looks really nice. Good direction and actually good acting. One can only wonder how many takes things took until you guys weren't all bursting out laughing in some scenes.
  3. Just to be sure: are you sure you can't load them or is there just no payload template with them?
  4. Would be halfway there if we could actually include neutral units in missions. Next we can use a repainted KC-135 for a bit of simulated civilian traffic.
  5. Kang


    To some extend that can be done, but implementing it in a mission is a lot of work and, frankly, probably not worth it for most missions.
  6. Interesting read indeed, thanks for sharing.
  7. Sorry for bringing up this age-old thread, but playing in the Mission Editor this week, I kind of noticed that ED snuck in exactly this option for the Ticonderoga class cruiser and Perry class frigate. I was not aware, but I am very pleased. :thumbup:
  8. There is definitely a limit there which you can safely test by holding the route switch on the collective to 'descend' while in a hover. The only way you can drop below that limit with the hover mode active is if you drift over suddenly rising terrain. My guess would be accidentally having hit the emergency disable button on the cyclic as well.
  9. I'm not saying it would be more important than others, but more important than it has previously been, once it can actually lead batteries of ZSU-23-4, SA-8 and similar units.
  10. Sounds like the server-side SL Mod with an option for 'Message of the Day' (MOD) enabled and then linked to playing a sound bit. Sounds a lot like Llamas with Hats to me, too.
  11. Considering the coming possibility of more integrated networks, the Dog Ear might actually become somewhat important as well.
  12. I didn't mean to badmouth the device. Just wondered if there was something else involved I didn't think about.
  13. Ladies and gentlemen, the world doesn't have to be black and white. There could be ways to test the waters for expanding DCS into new avenues like that. I'm talking about reconnaissance, I'm talking about logistics, I'm talking about Forward Air Control. There is no point in one 'vocal minority' fighting the other 'vocal minority'. There can be sufficient interesting ideas for developments that both fit in the combat world and aren't all fighters and bombers. See where it all goes from there.
  14. Are you sure you selected 'Missiles' and not 'Air to Air'? On the outermost pylon the only missile available is the AGM-122 Sidearm, for inner pylons the Mavericks should show up.
  15. There is also a volume control on the right panel, which sets the volume for all of these sounds.
  16. Is that really necessary? Perhaps I'm missing something obvious here, but couldn't you achieve the result you want by simply taking: 15kts of wind coming from 280, set ship course to 289°, giving direct headwind down the 9° angled deck, set speed to 15.2kts (the 30kts you want, minus the 15 you get from the wind, divided by cos(9°)) ?
  17. Thank you for your replies! I think I've had this issue a while ago as well, so I don't believe it to be related to a recent patch. Also, none of my keybindings have reset. They're all set in DCS directly, not conflicting and the keypress seems to be recognised. To stick with the example of take-off trim, here's what I do: - Start up (I'm omitting the non-related stuff for now) - Push the FCS reset button - Push the T/O trim button - Run the FCS BIT by pulling the FCS BIT lever and pushing the 'Test all' button on the FCS sub-page of the BIT page on the DDI - Set flaps to half - Trim, well, try to Is the order in which these things happen critical? Do I need to run the BIT earlier? Do I need to reset again? I actually do. I'll see if I can try that out somehow.
  18. As a matter of fact, tankers in DCS make much wider turns while actively refuelling (as in, somebody radioed them with intent to refuel), than when on their holding station. That makes them go way beyond their planned pattern; in case of racetrack you can see them turning almost 270° to catch back up to it. Could that be part of your issue?
  19. A fully-laden Su-25 can scatter FAB-100s over a surprisingly large area.
  20. I'm having some trouble using the trim in the F/A-18C and I'm not sure if it's something I'm doing wrong or something else. Sometimes it just seems that trimming nose-up and nose-down just doesn't do anything at all. Now, I know it's one of these all-new digital thingymajigs that's setting the FCS to hold certain values, but shouldn't, say, on the ground the trim simply move the control surfaces with zero force on the stick? I use a keyboard bind for trimming (like a caveman), but I'm sure it's bound correctly and not conflicting. But for example trying to trim nose-up for a heavy carrier launch, I can't observe anything happening. The surfaces don't seem to move, the FCS page shows them steadily at 12°. It gets even worse when I do have a nose-up trim because then I might not be able to set it back down and pretty much wrestle with the FCS to stay in reasonably level flight. Just to make it even more mysterious, as hinted at with that last thing, sometimes it just works as I'd expect it to work. This leads to a set of questions: Has anyone else experienced a similar issue? Am I overlooking an obvious condition I have to meet to trim? (And apparently sometimes meet by accident.)
  21. Kang


    Sounds good. Delay that Phantom indefinitely!
  22. I'd imagine it's because those who got to know it as the VFX aren't all that active in the DCS community nowadays.
  23. I think you have a point there.
  24. In most missions utility helicopters are available which, in theory, can set up air defences. I tried that a couple of times.
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