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  1. Actually it has previously been a bug that markers on the map would 'freeze in place' and just come along when panning the map; perhaps that's back a little.

  2. I received an update to Windows 10 last night and while I managed to use DCS quite normally yesterday, today the luck has apparently run out.

    Single Player missions load alright-ish (one crashed earlier, but that might be unrelated), but the attempt of joining any multiplayer server always ends at the end of the loading screen, status saying 'Mission Load Done'. I've tried with several different servers in order to rule out mission-related issues, always the same result.

    Anybody else having a similar issue? Or better yet, a solution?


  3. I haven't tried that in a few weeks now, but have you tested this out in different missions/scenarios? I generally found that it's roughly oriented for a Vikhr shot, which from the left launcher might be what you experience. Other than that the KA-50s autopilot does correct for wind in the ground track, which in some wind- and range conditions either puts the automatic rudder to its limit or ends up pointing the nose further upwind than you would expect.

  4. I can definitely relate! It isn't one giant glaring flaw that is hampering DCS, really, but there are plenty of small annoyances. While individually these don't really matter all that much and are easily offset by some of the things that are really great, their sheer multitude and slow progress (in many cases it feels like none) in getting to them is becoming an ever more grave problem over time.

    DCS is - and has always been - a bit of a scattershot in that there is not really a consistent time-frame or scenario with the modules, but the real issue that the same applies to problems and fixes really: there are some issues that keep being improved to truly staggering precision, while others are pretty much left 'as is' for years. Again, it's not a single 'game-breaking issue', but there are plenty of little things that oftentimes affect several modules or the world and thus end up appearing in almost every single mission played.

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  5. I get that animated ground crew is a bit of a touchy subject business-wise since the animated deck crew are a major selling point of the Supercarrier module.

    On the topic of hangar doors, I would actually prefer that to be tackled at the top. For example a ground crew comms menu option to Open/Close Doors, while of course involving the comms menu yet again, would enable a fairly dynamic operation of it. The main work would be to define the areas from which doors should be operable, or compile a proper list of the objects in question as to measure distances.

  6. Thankfully at this point we can already place neutral country assets in our missions, so there isn't really need for a new coalition. That could possibly be achieved by just creating a 'civilians' country and assigning it corresponding units.

    Those units are a different thing, of course. There is a selection of civilian vehicles in DCS already, but what is missing is one or two civilian 'infantry' models.


    Perhaps I envision things differently from the OP, but I believe we can all agree that there is no need to actually populate the settlements with people wandering around; this would definitely become problematic for some of the major cities around the maps available. But having the ability to put in civilians that are supposed to be part of a mission would definitely be a plus. Be it, as pointed out, that especially helicopter gunners are supposed to check targets, or design missions involving transporting civilians around (see Oilfield campaign or perhaps missions centering on evacuations and the like).


    In a similar vein, I'd also like to be able to place actual pilots as mission assets. The models and animations do exist after all...

  7. Probably would need more flights, maybe some F-14s launching radar decoys. If all that fails, you can add naval assets to help saturate the defences.


    In my opinion the reason most of us don't do a lot of anti-ship is that the Harpoon, even if it manages to get through, leaves a lot to be desired. Feels like you ding those ships' paint a bit.

  8. Ever since an update the initial coordinates to align the INS have had digits that don't get displayed. Instead, after entering they appear in a DCS info message in the top right.

    Considering how such info windows obviously don't exist in the actual Mirage 2000, is that really how it works? Do pilots (or ground crew) punch in the remaining digits blindly and just assume they are correct?

    Strikes me as odd that these digits are necessary but there is no way to see them.

  9. On 9/1/2021 at 3:58 PM, TLTeo said:

    These "much capabilities" posts are really getting out of hand. If that's your metric for what a DCS module needs to be worth flying, then only the Hornet, Viper and Jeff belong in DCS. "There is no HUD or FBW and the radar screen is bad!"...really?


    Guess everyone who insists on that line of thought can wait for the Typhoon to be released and afterwards simply stop bothering with anybody else is developing for a long time at least.

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