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  1. Wait, are you saying they work even less than they always do?
  2. As StevanJ pointed out the two helicopters differ significantly in their roles. So if you enjoy guided missiles cracking tanks, state of the art systems and getting into the thick of the fight, the Ka-50 is your bet. If you enjoy hauling cargo or passengers and getting into hair-raising fights with comparably easy enemies, the Mi-8 is the ticket. I'd also like to point out that between these two the style of flying them is very, very different indeed. The Mi-8 flies like a helicopter with all the little troubles that come from it. The Ka-50 on the other hand is highly automated and betwee
  3. One thing that especially more recent online narratives of the Luftwaffe aces and their famous triple-digit kill counts love to omit is that the secret ingredient is to keep on going. Pilots of the Allies generally flew a limited number of missions before they got rotated, not just to give them a personal goal but also to re-post them to training fields and make sure the 'next batch' of pilots would benefit from their experience. Most of these German aces started out flying over Poland (some of them even over Spain) and racking up high numbers against the early war air forces, many of whi
  4. It's not impossible for sure. Some of the ships certainly do it.
  5. I agree with the notion that these polls tend to be a little odd. On one hand a whole lot of options are not included, on the other hand the options that are seem to be awfully precise. Anyways, yes, in general I could imagine something like that, but it's hard to give it a definite yes. There is just a whole lot of variables for me: - What module are we even talking about? (I know the poll is meant to gauge general interest, but for a lot of modules I own I don't feel need for more versions) - What alternate version would be on the table? Is it that one I love for some r
  6. Personally I think the people who insist on this having some further implications might be getting ahead of themselves anyway. It is not «there is proof of extraterrestrials» at all. All it is saying is «there is footage that we can't explain». Believing that these two mean the exact same leads right to the old wisdom: everything that flies is an UFO if you are just bad enough at identifying things. It's mostly the curious case of photographic evidence of flying saucers, Bigfoot and all his family, the Loch Ness monster and similar things having surprisingly disappeared ever since
  7. I might be mistaken but I seem to remember .sch to be a format for electrical schematics. Something like Autodesk Eagle should be able to view those.
  8. As far as I can tell the number of trucks makes no real difference. The time it takes to reload (per missile/shell) is depending on the unit being reloaded, not on the supply vehicle and thus having more of them doesn't speed up the process. One truck can reload all units within its supply radius simultaneously and - even more importantly - carries unlimited ammunition, which makes trucks quite important when building your missions. Since this would be much different in real life you might want to place more trucks near a battery to make them look a bit more realistic, or - the only real
  9. Are you sure they are actually all part of the same group? Or rather, that one group has a complete setup? The little '1' labels suggest to me that several formations are around at least.
  10. Frankly, that is something that boggles my mind. The models (and even animations) for the pilots on the ground exist. I don't understand why ED is so reluctant to just adding them as assets. There are plenty of uses for them, from SAR missions for helicopters to just airfield scenery and the effort is not really that big.
  11. 1. You don't get any warning from the system because the R-27ET is infrared guided. That means you might not get a radar lock warning at all and also means that the countermeasure of choice should be a flare, not chaff. The best way to know they fired one of those nasty things at you is looking at them, pretty much. The white smoke trail is kinda noticable, but the fact that if you don't see that, you are unlikely to know it's on the way is what makes that missile dangerous. If you would prefer to practice your engagements without these for the time being, I'd suggest editing your enemies
  12. Absolutely agree. There is a drop-down menu to select them already. Why can we only have one custom set saved?
  13. While the idea sounds great, I don't think it's really worth the effort. Once in a while, if I happen to eject near a known friendly position or a settlement or a decent landing zone, I decide to walk the pilot there. It's nice and obviously adding a few functions to that would make it nicer, but travelling by foot is annoyingly slow in comparison and even knowing the destination 'is just on the other side of those trees over there' results in a march of half an hour. You look at similar timescales for a helicopter dispatched from a friendly airbase to reach you in a lot of places and I highly
  14. The easier method of at least mimicking the functionality would be to run a script that makes a supply truck stop by your air defence positions periodically.
  15. Quite possibly nothing. Off the top of my head I can think of two reasons for this. One is that the radar altimeter in many modules gets a bit inaccurate when in a bank (because it measures slant range, then). The other is - and I'm not perfectly sure about that - the possibility that the trigger doesn't read the ground level for its entire area but just for the point of its center, which would cause such inaccuracies easily in mountainous terrain.
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