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  1. Hey guys, I haven't updated my copy of DCS: A-10C in a while and am just wondering how to go about doing it without messing something up. Currently I am using version but would like to update to the latest version in order to play online. I found a link to download version DCS: A-10C version 1.2.2, and was wondering if it is safe to apply this to, or am I missing quite a few updates in between and 1.2.2?
  2. Does anyone know how to post as a guest on the Baseops.net forum? I'm having trouble registering as a user. Thanks guys, cheers.
  3. Thanks buddy, was in the LASTE settings under LAAP (low altitude auto pilot?).
  4. Anyone know what the auto-pilot is called in the control setup page. I'm mapping keys again after being away from DCS: A-10C for a while, but for the life of me can't find the word "auto-pilot"! Thanks guys, cheers.
  5. I was wondering if it's possible to get your AI wingman to lase a target allowing you to then use LSS\LST.
  6. That's very strange, has anyone else had the problems that I'm facing?
  7. I tried your mission and it seemed to work. This temperamental ILS is really starting to get to me.
  8. Yeah, I don't use the yellow bars anymore, but I know it was runway 07 because I've successfully performed an ILS landing on that runway before. This time around all of the red warning flags were up and no Morse signal was being broadcast.
  9. Batumi worked for me too, but when I decided to fly to Kobuleti I got the same problem, no ILS signal, even though Kobuleti's divert page info says it has an ILS on runway 7 at 111.50, and I know for a fact that Kobuleti has worked for me before since that was the first airfield that I even landed on using ILS.
  10. Woops, forgot the localizer able switch. Surely, though, with the warning flags everywhere I would not be able to even get a signal at all?
  11. Here we go guys, hopefully this will shed more light on my problem. ILS.trk
  12. Lately I've been doing some bad weather ILS training but for some reason I don't always get ILS indications on my ADI even though I set it up correctly. I always choose airfields that have ILS systems available, and then set the correct ILS frequency, power it up, and select ILS on the NMSP. I take off, come around and line up with the correct runway, but I'll get no ADI indications. Do some airfields have broken ILS systems sometimes? I ask this because at one of the airfields, its ILS system was working perfectly fine in clear weather, but when I changed the conditions to dense fog, the ILS system no longer worked. I thought that the whole point behind using ILS was for safe landings in IMC.
  13. Awesome, seems to work now, thanks a lot Aries and Vyrtouz!
  14. Still doesn't work. No .txt.acmi files get recorded after I play the tracks back :/
  15. How do I get DCS tracks into ACMI format? My TacView doesn't record them automatically even with auto-recording chosen.
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