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  1. Thanks everyone for all the hard work and figuring this out. Since I bought an new pc back in October 2018 i experienced the same “regular” stutters. Only last week I stumbled upon this thread and guess what, I’ve got two Sony Android TVs and indeed dashost spiking the network. Switching off the remote access on both TVs solved my issues within DCS, thanks again. I would have never figured this out on my own.
  2. :thumbup: Thanks Snacko, your guide really helped. It turned 2.5 from hardly playable to playable since I am running an older system.
  3. thanks, got it working now... pfff. Thanx a lot Nvidia, nearly cost me 3 days...
  4. same here, re-installed a previous driver version, Rift working again, however DCS doesnt start in VR now, anybody any ideas?
  5. Finally figured it out!!! I am running double GTX780's in SLI. I plugged the monitor in the upper card's HDMI port and the rift in the lower card's HDMI port... that was the problem. Now the monitor is plugged in the upper card's DVI port and the rift in the upper card's HDMI port, apparantly they both have to be plugged in the same card. Thanks everyone for your help!
  6. Thanks a lot for all your replies, allready tried it all and indeed I do have allowed all unknown sources. Allready tried a "fresh" DCS install, thinking of doing a fresh Windows install as well...
  7. Thanks people, I'll give it a try. So far I got Iracing running with the rift. When I start DCS, the oculus software stsrt aswell as the rift itself. But then the rift gives a message: "Sorry, DCS.exe is taking a while to load..."etc but DCS is already runnung like you can see in the screenshot.
  8. Somebody please help me out as I am eager to get the Rift runnig. When I start DCS I get the following screen and the Rift stays black, alternatively when I start DCS with VR disabled, I get the fullscreen and able to run it...
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