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  1. This is very bad. I am disappointed. I will never use W10. I spent $465 for DCS. Good bye, DCS.
  2. Ok, thank you very much, cu. Fil
  3. Hi, with my L-39C I confirm what you got at Kobuleti. Then I requested take off without engine cutting off and the comm menu doomed. I found the menu is doomed everytime when I request take off after landing without engine cutting off. I think it is the same for all airports - I simulated the problem in Persian Gulf, too. F.
  4. Exactly, I mean stop and go, which is important for new aircraft training. How it worked in previous versions: 1. First landing - right downwind (inbound > "OK" > can I have permission to land ? > "OK" > I land > "go to taxi") 2. Plane stops, engine goes, request for take off, permitted. 3. Flight on circuit, right downwind (inbound > "OK" > can I have permission to land ? > "OK" > I land > "go to taxi") 4. (same as 2) How it works at present: 1. First landing - right downwind (inbound > "OK" > can I have permission to land
  5. Hi, yes, that's what I want, and it works. But after the second take off request without engine cut off the ATC menu items of current airport do not change. Then you can choose nothing, but the request take off or cancel flight. So, it looks like the ATC menu of current airport remains blocked. F.
  6. Hi, I think there is some problem with comm menu. After second taking off the comm menu offers just start request and flight cancel items. I simulated it in Open Beta, but it could be also in Stable at present. F.
  7. Although, request to approach is not neccessary while touch and go. But tower communication would be nice. F.
  8. Hi, I have got such an issue in 2.5.6 version. When I make touch and go and I request start after landing it seems the comm menu shows in ATC the same items. Then I cannot request next approach. Is it a bug? I simulated the issue with various planes (L-39C, Yak-52) on various airports (Krymsk, Min. Vody). Kind Regards, Fil
  9. Yes, at present I consider the landing is realistic. It is necessary to break carefully.
  10. Thank you very much, it solved the problem. F.
  11. Yes, I am sure I have middle position "On". It looks like APP button is out of control, there is no yellow "S" displayed on button after click. Other PCA buttons work correctly. The problem appears at my cold start mission. The APP button works correctly in Nav training mission, for example, which starts airborne.
  12. Hi, about a month or two I cannot switch to approach mode on PCA. There is no yellow "S" on APP button after push, also no approach configuration on HUD. Is it bug or any changes? I have not find anything about it. Thanks, Fil
  13. The solution for me is to map wheel brakes like curved axes (on pedals or slider, or so) and to brake very gently. It looks like when brake button is used (like full brake here) while landing run, the wheels are almost blocked or blocked immediately (you can see black lines on runway after landing) and plane begins to skid. Tiger has no anti-skid system, but I am not sure how much this behaviour is real.
  14. High, I have the same landing run problem in simple mission (with cold start) I made in Mission Editor. Fil
  15. Mig-21bis crash Hi, the same problems here, my logs. Logs.zip
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