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  1. Thank you Max and Hornblower, I will prepare a video to clarify what I want.
  2. Yes, but if I do that TX1 and TX2 are disabled, and with that I have no response from ATC A.I.
  3. Hello I need help with this please: 1. In the Warthog, I have configured the TX5 switch for Vaicom (Voiceattack); TX1 and TX2 for SRS. - Easy com-OFF TX5 works perfectly with all commands, and both TX1 and TX2 work perfectly in SRS as well ... But, if while I speak by SRS with someone from the team and I pronounce a command that I have in my profile, it is executed (for example, if I tell them not to do "emergency Jettison", it is executed) 2. To prevent this from happening, I must leave only the TX5 with Push to talk in the configuration. But with this last adjustment, I lose
  4. I hope this experience can help someone with this problem. After many attempts, which I will detail, I managed to configure my new Pimax 8KX 1. Being a Pimax user with my old 5K Plus, I preferred to uninstall Pitool, to do a fresh installation. 2. I could not download version 260 that should be available in Pimax, the following error appears: <Error> <Code> NoSuchKey </Code> <Message> The specified key does not exist. </Message> <RequestId> 5FC8E1A8EAB1943231ED65A3 </RequestId> <HostId> pitool.oss-us-east-1.aliyuncs.com
  5. Hi!! Nice work!! A few errors: 1. When I said "Start Dictate" in Note tab, I can't end dictate... 2. Just after that, the listening keep on (I configured my hotas to suspend the listening after release the bottom) and this error appear when I insist to end dictate: PTT: use an active TX node If I am not activate the dictate, everything is ok. Thanks!
  6. Hi All, AND thanks Hardcard!!! I want to add in your script the player name that shot, and I am trying to put this: trigger.action.outText(Unit.getByName("UZI 11"):getPlayerName().. But, I can't solve the right way... please help!
  7. Hi all, and thank you Suntsag. Where can I download the mission? Cheers
  8. No problem, thanks anyway.
  9. Yes, was OK, and I don't have MSFS 2020
  10. Thank you imacken for answer, Windows 10 Pro Version 2004 OS build 19041.508
  11. Hi all Surely this problem would have happened to some of you, or like me, it already happened to me and I managed to solve them, but ... It is recurring and I don't know how to fix it definitively. I've tried everything on this site: https://thegeekpage.com/fix-windows-10-sleep-mode-not-working-solved/ But finally it's about point 9: If I disconnect the Warthog (throttle and joystick) and the logitech pedals, my PC operates normally and goes to sleep on schedule. But connected these USB devices do not ... Please, if someone has the trick, I would be very grateful if you co
  12. I think most of the users have this problem, I think they don't use that function. At least I, today I began to look for those who have this problem, and to my joy I find out that we are several. I have tested it on almost all models, in Open Beta and stable. Cheers (And thanks Hollywood if you can figure out what's going on)
  13. I mapped button 17 in warthog thr. works perfect.
  14. Name: COLMILLO Squadron: DRG.SQN. Country: Chile
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