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  1. Hi, There is nothing to do on LotAtc Client side, modifications must be on LotAtc Server installed on DCS host, so on your three DCS instance on For each DCS instances, you must specify a different port for each LotAtc Server Running and set srs_transponder_port corresponding to SRS transponder port in config.custom.lua or easier with LotAtc Configurator. You have more documentation here: https://www.lotatc.com/documentation/client/transponder.html#for-dedicated-server For srs_server, if it is running on same server, use as address it avoid troubles with fir
  2. Affirmative, it is in progress, I will first release the map itself, then add airports after. It should come this week. TheChannel map will also be released at same time.
  3. You can degrade with: In profile: - Increase tracking delay - increase range resolution In config section: - Update time to 10 or more seconds (LotAtc will only take an update every 10 or more seconds)
  4. Hi! Profile editor in LotAtc Configurator let you create and modify your own profile without need to edit any file. Note that you have choose the instance (DCS directory) before, you will see your new profile in DCS "special tab" only if you have create the profile in the DCS.openbeta instance and not for a dedicated instance (DCS has to be restarted after creating/modifying the profile) For dedicated, launch LotAtc Configurator, choose the DCS instance you want to run (DCS.openbeta by default), then click on the corresponding config button. Once opened,
  5. Is is in meter but yes, there is a bug, it will be fixed with my drawing rework in next months. If I fix the bug now, it will break all existing json files... I decided to let that until the big rework :)
  6. Hi, there is no API yet for modding for LotAtc. If you have features idea, you can explain to me, I am always open to suggestions!
  7. Great, I like moving step by step ;) I will fix carrier now, again thanks for your feedback/tests !
  8. Thanks for this complete report ! Very helpful! I am agree, aircraft position are good but the problem comes from angles, I have not yet where the difference comes from, but I will spend time on it in next days!
  9. A 2.0.5 fix has been released for that for LotAtc Server, just launch an update ;)
  10. Thanks for reporting! Waiting a fix for that you can edit Mods/services/LotAtc/Options/optionsDb.lua and change: to I will make a patch for that in next days.... I forgot to change the path there :)
  11. LotAtc 2.0.4 released for LotAtc Server (fix for last OB update) / LotAtc Client / LotAtc Configurator. I want to thanks ED for their help on this fix! WARNING: LotAtc server has moved from mods/tech to mods/services Installer will do the job but you have to move manually all users files as config.custom.lua !!! This patch is compatible in both way for server/client with previous 2.0.x versions. LotAtc Configurator will only manage correctly LotAtc Server installed in mods/services now. Thanks all for your patience !
  12. Last DCS OpenBeta patches made changes that broke LotAtc..... I am working on it, I have found the reason, now I have to make a patch... no ETA but I will hotfix ASAP.... thx for your comprehension.
  13. Do you have last OB of tonight DCS Open Beta ? If yes, DCS has changed something in this patch that break LotAtc, no solution yet....
  14. Yes, I fix some errors with carriers approaches when carrier turns, all the PAR was totally bad (inverted, not following carrier headings...) For the precise adjustments, that is something very complex to find and fix, some troubles between DCS and LotAtc angles computation. As you said, it concerns all angles everywhere. I think that is related to the difference between flat earth model of DCS and real model used by LotAtc but not yet sure.... This a little difference, but with PAR it is more visible :) I hope to fix that but it is really not an easy task.:doh::book:
  15. Thanks for reporting and screenshots ! For 2/ Carriers, I have fix that, a patch will be released next weeks that fix the problems.:thumbup: For 1/, I will check that! :book:
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