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  1. Got it figured out, Couldn't find any info on how to download the maps without purchasing them. Someone finally figured it out and passed it on. Thanks!
  2. HARMS HARMS seemed to be bugged now, They loft way up, lose energy and don't hit their targets most of the time. They also glitch and wobble in flight. Working on track files now to report the bug. Didn't see anything in the release notes indicating changes to the HARMS
  3. Ok, please explain how to do this without purchasing them.
  4. Unpurchased maps crash the server Latest update, norender, dedicated machine. When I try to run any maps(unpurchased) other than Caucasus it crashes the server. It's too bad because this is one update that I was really looking forward to. Is there any other way to activate it or make it work? Could I be doing something wrong. Server runs flawlessly otherwise.
  5. I have updated today(April 10th OpenBeta) According to DCS news, dedicated servers were supposed to be able to run any map(Even if not purchased) in norender mode. I can't seem to get this working and there was nothing in the release notes. Was it not included? If it was, then how is it activated? "With the release of the dedicated server, the most requested item from clients has been that dedicated servers no longer provide opportunity to purchase maps and asset packs to host missions. We have been listening, and new feature will be brought to you this next week along with the 10th April Open Beta! Dedicated servers with “no-render” option activated will be able to host all DC World maps and asset packs for free! We see DCS World Online as a critical feature of DCS World to move forward, and the ability to run interesting and varied mission servers is a great thing for you, clients, and us."
  6. When using the Viggen in the Mission editor. I can set up a mission and fly it with no problem. When I go back to edit the mission and try to fly again DCS will crash. Either CTD or it will give a warning message and close. This does not happen with any other aircraft and has started happening on the current open beta build. Graphics drivers are up to date. 2 logs attached. dcs.log-20180615-043112.zip dcs.log-20180618-210913.zip
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