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  1. Quick update. This update seemed to torrent without issues. Except from two instances, when speed went below 500 KB/s, and I cancelled the download (Did not want to risk a hard reset again :) ). I also canceled the HTTP both times, and started it up again to continue the torrent, since it looked promising. Not sure what may have fixed it. On my end, I double checked windows firewall, and re-allowed the updater, with same settings. Last week the updater itself got an update. And recently AVG got an update. Any of those might have done it, or something else outside my influence :)
  2. Thanks, will try this next update, if problem persists :thumbup: Can't understand why it won't disconnect from the swarm. ISP or wherever the problem is, It should still be possible to cancel and stop the process :huh:
  3. I don't know what is going on here. Torrent part of the updater has been completely broken for me since the updater got updated on 2018-06-06 (I think it was). Was working absolutely perfectly prior to that. I have tried disabling security, adding exception etc. But no change. If I do not immediately click cancel when torrenting starts. It is impossible to stop the updater, without restarting the PC. Torrenting speed never goes over around 5-15 KB/s, with around 40-50 peers. And when pressing cancel. It will just stay locked on "disconnecting from the swarm" forever. Until I restar
  4. Good to hear :) Loving the Hornet so far :thumbup:
  5. Updater not working well for me. After finally getting through the delta part, It began the main torrenting. Averaging 0-5 kb/s. With lots of errors/failed messages in the log. Clicking cancel will then freeze the updater completely at "Disconnecting from the swarm", unable to end it through task manager, and having to restart pc to make it stop. Log ending with: 02401.526 STATUS: Disconnecting from the swarm... 02402.026 INFO : 9 UDP errors. If I quickly click cancel before torrenting starts, then I am able to use HTTP.
  6. Not yet, as far as I know. Axis control for the TDC should come in a future patch, I think it was said. You might be able to do it using TARGET (or equivalent) controller software, I have not tried this.
  7. Was just reading that part of the NATOPS today, and tested it. I was going to ask about it as well.
  8. If anyone is interested. I have created a Normal Checklist pdf, printable in A5. based directly on the NATOPS document. I made it mostly to use myself, but thought I would share it. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3300721/ I have already updated it once.
  9. My condolences... Rest in Peace.
  10. Just now able to test with this, and performance has been fixed for me. Extreme visibility range, full trees and grass. Back to fairly stable 60fps in cockpit, just like all the other aircraft :) Thank you Razbam and ED.
  11. Zeus & ED found the cause and it will be taken care of :pilotfly: Try and set the Screenresolution in the Graphics Menu to 256 or 512 to get a few more FPS depending on your Graphics Card and do not have it set to 1024 / 1024 every frame. Ouch, that would probably explain it. Looking forward to this fix and comparing it :)
  12. I tried this. Opened the Cold and Dark quick mission (which is at Kutaisi) in the editor and replaced it with M-2000, also tried A10C. Got 60fps with highest settings with extreme view range, max trees and grass. Only 25fps with harrier. So there is still a big difference from other aircraft. Also tried Sochi runway start with the harrier, looking towards water, got 60fps. Turned head view 180 to the rear and dropped to about 55fps. Still better though, but also more water than trees :)
  13. View distance down to high, trees: 12000-14000 and grass: 1000 It is now usable as far as I can see so far. Thanks for looking into this :)
  14. Not VR. Instant mission cold and dark. Settings: what I have used until now with around 50-60fps on all other aircraft Cockpit: 23fps External: 60fps I think I may have gotten it usable again, by reducing the settings a bit (View distance, trees and grass). I will have to try it out a bit before I am sure though. Still stuttering when looking around with mouse/keyboard, haven't tried with trackir yet. But still, other aircraft stay at around 60fps both external and internal, with previous extreme settings and not stuttering. So hopefully this will be improved in the fut
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