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  1. Glad to hear that! Thank you guys for your hard work. :thumbup:
  2. Hello, I often experience some bug (I guess) where my missiles just disappear after few kilometers from my plane. I play on GrowlingSidewinder server only but they said it may be a DCS multiplayer problem. I see this very often on tacview. Other guys said they experience it too with every type of missiles. Any info about this? Here's the newest example. And no - they didn't hit the mountain.
  3. Yup, I think it will be a priority in the next update. We need to be patient (even if it's difficult :D).
  4. I read in other threads / on fb that we CAN'T jessition anything at the moment. :/
  5. What about dogfight/acm - how to unlock the target in close range? I click everything but nothing works.
  6. Another (this time) quick kill on GrowlingSidewinder which made me about 200 heart rate. I love this kind of actions.
  7. Thanks, I use Oculus Rift. It was mirrored to 2560x1440. It's difficult to describe how clear the video is. Things like hud, front panel are 100% clear. Small switches labels in the back half of cockpit are harder to read. E.g in Hornet on SA page when I lock a bandit it's clear to see which one is locked, however it's not possible to spot that it's a red star on bandit. With pixel density set on 1.5 and high visual range, it's enough to spot a plane from a few miles. Sometimes I spot the bandit before my auto acq mode (~10miles) catch it. In dogfight situation I can identify the plane. I fe
  8. Hello! I'd like to show you my play on GrowlingSindwinder server in F/A-18.
  9. Hi, I'm pretty new in dcs and I got problem. When I start any mission everything is okey, I can use both radars/scanners (I and O). But when I join to any server the radar binded as 'I' doesn't work. I just can't turn it on - pressing " I " gives nothing. Restarting the game gives nothing too. When I get into mission where I start in the air everything is okey. The same with official tutorial (su-27). I downloaded standalone version of dcs and there is the same problem. Do you have any solution? Am I forgetting about something? I'm flying on simulator mode. edit// I must be in the air
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