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  1. Thought I was going mad yesterday in the A10C. Complete system freeze when it happens. Using the latest open beta. Log attached. dcs.zip
  2. @ebabil http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=164374
  3. From Reddit and Check Six. It is here on these forums somewhere but I couldn't find it. Sorry if a repost. Looks like pedals and new sticks for the Hornet and P51 going by the image. Happy days indeed. :pilotfly:
  4. http://imgur.com/a/tcrvE Here is my attempt at mounting my HOTAS on a desk. I have a (dusty) X52 and an IKEA standing/sitting desk. I was inspired by the excellent Monster Tech desk mounts. http://www.monstertech.de/en/ I bought the metal plates in a local DIY store. They are the metalwork used with wood for building roofs and such. Wood connectors I think. You can view some of them here; http://www.woodiesdiy.com/category/Wood-Connectors/ So I have four 90 degree panels and four flat panels (80 x 240mm) plus two small plates (80 x 40mm). And all bolted simply
  5. Great stuff. My iPad just arrived last week so I would be thrilled if a version comes along. Gillers
  6. Full details of Ghost's iPad pit are here: http://www.lx200gps.nl/ Gillers
  7. I thought Ghost's iPad app was good. But this is something else again. Another reason to get an iPad! Great stuff. Gillers
  8. This community never ceases to amaze me with its work. Great stuff and thanks. Gillers
  9. I can take no credit for this but have a read of a great 3 part+ AAR here for Warthog. Just brilliant stuff. (Note, scroll down for the first one as the page starts at No.3) Gillers
  10. That is a fine piece of work. Many thanks. Gillers
  11. Damn you Ghost man! Now I will have to buy an iPad!! :smilewink: Brilliant piece of work though. Well done, it looks great. Gillers
  12. Try the Bamboo Touch from Wacom. Looks very similar to be honest. USB connection too and Windows support. http://www.wacom.eu/index2.asp?pid=294〈=en&spid=3 Gillers
  13. Came across this yesterday which looks interesting. iBuyer Magic software is the story on Engadget. Download and manual is here. The video has it working with a touchscreen laptop so wonder would it work with a smaller side monitor? Gillers
  14. http://warthognews.blogspot.com/2009/06/10-simulator-trains-pilots-for-real.html See the photo of the pilot in front of the flat screen? A version of the DCS Hog perhaps? Interesting story anyway and a wonderful set up! Oh hang on, that photo is now gone. :huh: That's odd. It mentions it in the text. Looked like CH flight sticks were being used and a nicely detailed Hog pit on the screen. Gillers
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