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  1. Hello, I'd research a lot of tip for reslove the CTD problem of 2.7, I'd try all ways but still got CTD after 15 min play(the longest record until now). So I deicde to post my file here, plese check my crash log for possible issue to try to fix. Thank you! dcs.log dcs.20210518-181936.dmp dcs.20210518-181936.crash
  2. Hello MAXsenna, could you tell me what is rel4s' mods? Thanks!
  3. Hello all, Recently I found a program named F4toserial that can handle all output of F-16C block52, it can handle oled display, stepper motor instruments, 7-segment LED and indicator lights, very handy and begin to support DCS (original for BMS Falcon only), but I don't understand how to add output define in it's export.lua. I would like to know if anyone ever use F4ST?or kindly give me some guide for editing the export.lua file?Thanks!
  4. Hello all, I still can't get the connect successful, my save game is in drive c and the DCS world installation was move to new SSD drive in drive J. I don't know how to /where to add the code to what export.lua file. Could anyone kindly give me more detail about these? I'm really so eager to try this very-powerful tool!
  5. I will suggest you to use a BU0836A to modify the TQS. I'd successful modified one and keep using it until now, if you need more detail I guess I can show you.
  6. By the way I'm using the DCS-BIOS hub , not the "old" style DCS-BIOS. Does these 2 make any difference?
  7. Thank you very much for the reply! I'd installed some module and ready to test the script after I connect to Virtual cockpit. I will test your way when I back home, thanks again!
  8. I just try to copy the codes about fuelflow display from mainpanel_init.lua and make a try but it didn't work. I try to reverse-engineering from F-16C profile of helios but can't figure out a bit. XD I'm just too stupid.
  9. Hello all, I just begin to try DCS-BIOS these day and bought a bounch of Arduino Nano. The setting goes well until I found I can't get DCS BIOS connect to DCS, looks like it cannot find the location of DCS world installation, there are no selection or check box to select DCS world beta etc, but tell me to add some line to the export.lua. I'm confused about what export.lua to be edited and how to do. Could someone kindly tell me how to do?
  10. Hello all, I'd posted this in F-16C forum but I guess here are more masters here so I decide to post this problem here again. I'm making a customed panel for Viper and te last instrument I need to export is the fuelflow display. I try the init lua file mod way but can't make it to work, and I'd try Helios but can't find the F-16 interface to add this instrument. Does anyone can teach me how to do this or any good suggestion? Thanks in advanced!
  11. You need to add lines in RWR init lua file of F-16C. I'd success export the RWR, do you need I to post it here?
  12. This profile is amazing...the auther only use original exporting function for MFCD/RWR/DED/EHSI and create all other instrumant from in-game data and scripts by himself. Looks like install Helios and use the fuelflow part is the fastest way for me right now, although I still wish to have some way to pull from dcs scripts. :)
  13. Hellow all, By the help of ED forums I'd done the export of MFCD,RWR,DED,EHSI to second monitor so far. Now the last one I need to export is the fuel flow display. Does anyone know how to do it? I didn't find the script of this instrument in the mod directory.Thanks!
  14. Good idea Pfeil!:) I have bought a logitech momo force feed back wheel for this idea first, it didn't work, so I borrow another sidewinder FFB2 to test and find this result. I know there is a 3rd party FFB application can run with DCS and provide FFB control. Maybe there are any genius can write a similair APP, let us select a certain FFB device, emulate it as a single axis to apply in DCS, and read trim command/rudder position from DCS (via LUA export,etc) to do the same work for Rudder? I'm dreaming for this.XD
  15. Thanks for reply Flagrum! Looks like the best idea is making a rudder and use real electronic magnet to lock it.XD
  16. Hello all, I got a strange issue about rudder so I would like to know if there are any way to fix it.:) I use 2 Miscrosoft Sidewinder FFB2 joystick for Cyclic(X and Y Axis) and rudder (only X axis). Both joystick worked and have FFB, but when I try to Trim them a strange thing happened. Looks like the rudder trim will always PLUS the Cyclic Y trim. Example:When I hold the trim button, I move the cyclic and rudder to posision below: ** ***| ** ***| O(3,3)=cyclic triming position ** ***| -------+------- cyclic axis ** ***| ** ***| ** ***| ---------O----- rudder axis ** *** (3)=rudder triming position When I release the trim button, Rudder position will jump to position (6). I'd test this theory and this always happen. I'm not sure if this is a bug or something I get wrong. Any one got any ideas?XD
  17. This is just what I need. Thanks a lot for your reply!!!:)
  18. Hello, I plan to mod my MSFFB2 too, Does anyone can tell me the diameter of the base shaft/tube of the MSFFB2 (The shaft connect joystick grip)? Thanks in advanced!
  19. It's a disappoint answer.:P I'd found a thread with something about force feedback wheel: http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?p=1120505 Looks like it's a bug that ED didn't get rudder ffb trim to work correctly, maybe this can be fixed in future, and my FFB wheel still can be used as a power-trimed rudder someday.:)
  20. I have this idea for a long time. These day I finally get a cheap logitech Formula Force GP wheel to test as a force trimming rudder. The result is no go. I'd enable the rudder force trimming option, but the wheel didn't stay at new position after release trimming button (My siderwinder FFB2 do well on force trimming). I would like to know if this idea is impossible from beginning, or any possible way to do it? Appreciate for any advice and suggeston. Thanks in advanced!
  21. Thanks for this cool answer:) Too bad still don't know the release date of Combat Helo...
  22. hegykc, Will you make AH-64D grips? I'm looking to have a set of them, even they are just 3D printed prototype that need finishing by myself...:)
  23. Thanks for testing!:D This is really a good news!
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