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  1. But flat shadows are not the same thing, they stick out horizontally into mid air from trees on hills and that looks just wrong.
  2. https://forums.oculusvr.com/community/discussion/47247/oculus-traytool-supersampling-profiles-hmd-disconnect-fixes-hopefully/p1
  3. To me it seems as the default headposition in VR is correct in the Hornet, Viper, L39 for example but to far forward in the F14 and to far back in the Viggen. I have been waiting for a update that would change this but I dont know if Heatblur has said anything about it, there has been no update thats all I know. I have tried saving it with save snap views but it dont seem to function in VR for me because it wont save. Every time I start a F14 or Viggen flight I have to move front/back but its not a major problem, just dont see the reason why it is as it is.
  4. Same with Thrustmaster Target, I make sure I start the mission with the pinky switch in the center position and the formation lights knob turned up. When I then flip it forward it first issues the command for turning external lights on and then the salute command. Works perfectly. Can probably be done with JoyToKey also for any type of controller.
  5. As the title say, an explanation of the extended fps-monitor, what each number and abbreviation mean. Either in the DCS manual or here on the forum. Would be great for all those trying to optimize their settings. Its sad that this feature is in the software since way back but it cant really be used unless you have inside knowledge of what each parameter means. There is no forum post I can find where this is explained at all.
  6. Since the kneeboard has been updated now please take the time while you are at it and implement a Night-mode for it also so you dont have to fry your eyes at night in VR. A keyboard input for turning it on/off and perhaps a slider in the options for how much the brightness should be reduced.
  7. Ok Cromhunt, I understand you now. I dont know what works or not because I cant get to the computer and test now so Im going on what blackworm wrote, and that is that both Pixel density inside DCS and the same ting in OTT called Super Sampling there doesnt work anymore because something has updated. And I have had it running fluidly on Super Sampling 1.3 and now in a couple of days I will pick up my new RTX 3080 at the post office, plug it in and instead of beeing able to increase it a bit above 1.3 to perhaps 1.5 as I hoped I will be downgraded and locked to 1.0 if what blackworm is saying is
  8. By the way, why is this thread tagged with "Oculus Rift S"? Should not the ingame setting for PD in DCS apply to all VR users regardless of headset brand? Is that not an ingame thing?
  9. Its not that OTT has stopped working? I mean thats third party as far as I know. Is it possible to set PD/SS in Oculus Tray Tool? Perhaps that still works. I wish I coild try this myself now but I cant.
  10. I dont understand what you mean at all, perhaps someone else does. This thread is about not beeing able to change PD for the Rift S ABOVE 1 since last update of something, either DCS or Oculus Software. You say set PD to 1 because that is good enough, its no problem that this major feature seem to have been removed. I dissgree. Do you mean that Oculus actually may have removed the PD feature intentionally to reduce image quality for users so they have to buy a Quest 2 to regain what they already paid for? The Rift S is the most bizzare product I have bought, I really like the product but
  11. I would not need to use MIST for this kind of thing, just DCS mission editor triggers and conditions. In all missions I do I have a trigger that sets flag 1 to a value between 1 and 60 every minute. Instead of spawning a new group directly when another dies as I guess you have it set up now you could instead set another flag, lets call it flag 2, to a random value between an interval of your choosing. Then you activate the group using the flag is less than flag condition for flag 1 and 2. If flag 2 gets a value of 30 there will be 50% chance that flag 1 is less than that because it
  12. Cant test now but Im very interested in this thread, im following it. It would be the ultimate anticlimax to be degraded to PD 1.0 on my Rift S when my RTX3080 finaly arrives next week after 3+ months of waiting..
  13. Does it have a kneeboard also like the VR pilot bodys in the Mirage and Hornet? (I cant check myself in the new stable version)
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