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  1. Like the title says, do amphibious assault ships like the Tarawa use helicopters as plane guards during flight operations involving Harriers for example? Or do they use boats? I have never seen a image of a helicopter hovering along side a LHA or LHD like they do alongside normal carriers. My only source of info is Google and I cant find anything there so perhaps some one who has more insight than that into naval aviation knows.
  2. Is there a Syrian Su17 skin somewhere? They use Su22 but the Su17 is basically the same aircraft for AI proposes at least. I would like it for a mission Im doing on the Syria map. Or actually, are there any skin at all for this aircraft other than the stock one in game? If so I could use that like a template perhaps to do my own. Or is this aircraft handled in some way that it and other very old DCS models handle skins so its not possible to do one?
  3. I wrote in some thread earlier that I wished for a big static object, just ground textured with grass or whatever was there before Mount Pleasant AB was built that could be put on the place in the ME. It could be done so that if you put the center of the object at exactly these and these coordinates and with rotation 000 it gets oriented as it should. Or actually, just provide a static template for it that you just load in the ME so it pops in. The mission designer should also remove static objects and trees at the location with a trigger at mission start in the ME. I saw somewhere a user m
  4. Is there a way to lock the size and position when you are happy with it so that you dont resize it by accident? Is it possible to return it to undistorted size by clicking somewhere? Skickat från min D5503 via Tapatalk
  5. Yeah I have to try to disable it and see what happens. But I will still hope for this feature to be implemented some day :) Skickat från min D5503 via Tapatalk
  6. That would be good to but its not really the same thing because the mission templates can include all types of units where as the way you are describing are for ground units or statics only. Skickat från min D5503 via Tapatalk
  7. No no, i dont have 50 units only, I have 50 manpads. But then I have like 50 Shilkas, 35 SA6 sites and so on so it adds up. Im doing a template mission for the syria map and as it is now I have about 2700 units. When I do proper missions from it later I can delete some that are not in the area of operation but I suspect I will still have ALOT of units because the Damascus area and Israel are pretty intense places with many bases and installations that should have units. But I have Tacview also, I have not heard before that that could be causing stutters. Dont really want to turn it off because
  8. It would be a huge help for me when designing missions if there would be a waypoint task similar to the "switch waypoint" with the difference that the unit would simply jump (teleport) to the requested waypoint instead of travelling there. The reason is, if you want to create a mission in Syria for example with the threat of MANPADS like a fairly constant threat in the Damaskus region you must place many units with random chance of appearing. In a mission I have started now I have 50 MANPAD units in the mission. The MANPADS cant move fast enough to travel very long because they are ju
  9. The ability to save mission templates is a good step forward but please change it so that it saves only visible units in the ME instead of all present in the mission. If you have a mission with many units and want to save just a little piece of it, like a FARP you have done or something you need to delete every other unit in the mission to only get the FARP in the template. If the save template function instead would only save units that are not set to HIDDEN then it would be much more simple and take a lot less time. It actually takes pretty long time to delete units since the right windo
  10. Must say no sadly. There is no way of fixing this. And ED who quite easily could add a waypoint option as you say has chosen not to do so for atleast the last five years. By 2025 perhaps you will be able to do singleplayer mission without christmas-tree wingman spoiling the experience if we are lucky. They are more focused on multiplayer customers. Skickat från min D5503 via Tapatalk
  11. Do you have historical mode enabled? I think I see that on the bottom of the screen Skickat från min D5503 via Tapatalk
  12. I validated mine just some minutes ago at first attempt so it seems fixed Skickat från min D5503 via Tapatalk
  13. You must enter the configuration window and then go to the tab for licenses. The configuration window you enter by pressing Lctrl + Lalt + c if I remember correctly. Skickat från min D5503 via Tapatalk
  14. I also ment shutdown scratchpad and then shutdown DCS and then go into the Saved Games folder Skickat från min D5503 via Tapatalk
  15. As far as I can tell, yes Skickat från min D5503 via Tapatalk
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