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  1. What you omit,this mirage f1 is the Spanish version. And spain is blue. "y España es AZUL"
  2. The tornado may only be a way to take four bombs to a point. But he does it with style. And faster than any other on that list.
  3. COBRA said, and do not change that the new module has all the technologies developed by HB. Wings of variable geometry in that list I only see one. With revers thrust I only see one. The best thing is that that one is the same in both cases. In addition to the ground air radar but that has several. And a double seat. The name TORNADO. A6 is for IA.
  4. It is the tornado, it is the most logical to take advantage of the technologies they already have. Jester, wings of variable geometry. A / G radar, motors with reverse thrust. What more clues do you want? For me it is great news. Best interdictor of all time.
  5. You want to see a real bvr match. First you will not see it because it is BVR "beyond visual range air combat". Finally you are fighting against 120c5 early 2000 with 55km. Currently the F16 / 18 rolls 120 d (more than 110km estimated because it is classified) 110 km is more than the range of the Jf17 radar. So realize one thing, ED is helping you. And no it's not going to be very real.
  6. Thank you guys for the work you are doing, I know the work it took you to get to the point where we are now with this module. Of 10 there are those who receive criticism and are offended and there are those who take them as a challenge to improve. I am very proud to be your client. I await news of your Mirage f1 anxious.
  7. With last open Beta the engine lose the sound.
  8. another bonus track: f14 cover mi atack.
  9. only one word: APG-73 FA 18 WINS!!! BONUS TRACK: 2 ENGINES, AND CARRIER OPS.
  10. Ooh!!!:lol: the harrier can ported 4 more mk 82 than the hornet
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