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  1. Would also love to see a page with current center of gravity so we can set the correct trim for cat shots.
  2. If I am not mistaken, and I very well could be, the engines being slightly different from one another is intentional. As no two engines in real life perform exactly the same.
  3. I had this with the first 2.7 patch. It seemed to only happen during sunrise when I went back to get more data the new patch had come out and it hasn't happened since for me, I will see if I can get it to happen again. Also it seemed to only happen when looking through the canopy just left or right of the HUD.
  4. There is one already on user files by shoots2k https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3305042/ I think it is for the B but it is still a good paint
  5. Do you have a trigger calling them to start? Right now the command is in the triggered actions panel so they are waiting for something to tell them to start shooting. You can put the commands in the waypoint action panel to get them to start immediately.
  6. It is not in the format you are asking for but this site has what you are looking for https://www.navysite.de/carriers.htm click on the carrier you want to find then scroll until you find a link along the lines of "Read about the deployments of SHIPNAME" and click on that or CTRIL-F for Deployments until you find it. Not every cruise has full information but the more recent cruises are well covered, at least the ones that I have been looking for have anyway. You can also find cruise books on that site which have a lot of interesting information in them.
  7. I've never used your HOTAS, but with my previous HOTAS (X-55) I used a curve of 15 on pitch and roll and set the deadzone as small as possible while still covering all the play the stick had while centered. With my current setup (VKB Gunfighter MKIII F-14 w/ 200mm extension) I use no curves or deadzones. I have also not watched the video you are speaking of so I don't know if it was mentioned but I find that wiggling my toes helps prevent me from tensing up on the stick and makes it much smoother.
  8. I have only ever had something like this happen before I start flying, usually means I have to recalibrate my stick with VKB's tool or it needs to be reseated by loosening the screw at the base pushing the stick down and re-tightening it.
  9. The textures for navy bombs are already in the game, just not used by anything by default.
  10. Have each unit in its own group and add a radio item for each group that changes a different flag or different value in the same flag.
  11. Alternatively have the option to select from a pool of textures at the loadout menu for all ordnance on the aircraft, while not really needed for the phoenix weapons such as bombs could benefit greatly from this. For example have a pool that picked from random textures for the airforce, and for the navy with era filters. That way you could have loadouts that had the navy bombs with the thermal coatings in gray or green on the same aircraft and different combination of guidance kits https://nara.getarchive.net/media/paveway-iii-gbu-24a-laser-guided-bombs-fill-the-aft-mess-decks-of-the-us-navys-
  12. A Viggen of F10 squadron done up in a ferris/GripenNG inspired splinter camo for a more modern look. Submission files PM'd to @ensamvarg
  13. The 24's have been guiding since a couple of patches ago. That is of course providing a more recent patch hasn't broken them since I last played with them.
  14. That is where the island of Cyprus is/was/will be, switch to the map mode at the top right of F10 map, or bottom center of mission editor, and you will see it there.
  15. There are three lights stuck on, on the left-wing of the viggen even with the jet cold and dark. The lights are quite dim in game and it was only after looking in model viewer did I notice the third light.
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