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  1. In this mission we plan attempt to strike Minakh but I end up spending to much time fumbling around trying to get the Mavericks to lock (this is why we practice ). After we discuss future plans and attacks and do a quick debrief using Tacview to end the Sortie!
  2. In this mission we plan our engagement to strike a ammunition depot. Discuss future plans and attacks and do a quick debrief using Tacview to end the Sortie!
  3. The DCS World multiplayer scene was getting pretty stagnant for me, so I started playing the DCS Liberation Dynamic campaign for a change and been having a blast. I thought it might be enjoyable to do a mostly uncut series of a new campaign to show you guys what its about and provide some entertainment. Hopefully you guys enjoy it, please let me know what you think, to long, to short (yeah right...), what could make this more entertaining... etc. I acknowledge up front this particular episode is more for info, setup and the mission for some of you is probably boring (spoiler ale
  4. Played this tonight, something needs to be done about the FPS hit. Me and some friends tried but the FPS hit dropped me to the 20s ... normally im at 70-100. Not sure what it is, but probably needs looking into. Otherwise I like the idea and direction of the server. Favorited and will check back! Keep at it!
  5. Not without a bunch of work I dont really care to do ;)
  6. That's not exactly true. If you have a 1080p monitor then the max height of the mirror regardless of the resolution inside the HMD will be 1080p. However, if you have a 4k monitor, and super it will be 2160 height (assuming the resolution of the HMD is 2160 or higher. Now, if you add Pixel Density to this, you can get even higher. As example, I use to turn a 4k monitor to portrait, throw the mirror to that screen and have my PD set to 1.6 or higher. This mean I had a desktop mirror at over 4k pixels height. Using OBS I would downsample this to 1440p and the clarity is unreal, bette
  7. Looks like you didnt install it right. Did you download the git repo, or did you download an actual release from here? https://github.com/jeffboulanger/twitch2dcs/releases The release has the proper folder structure for installing it, not the repo.
  8. This just isnt true, I listed at least 3 games that have HUGE community interaction. I can't help it if you dont see that. I would also say that ED falls flat in this department a lot of the time, and the claims in wrong. How many times have we complained about MP and for how long, and we are just now getting some of those things addressed and only because we paid for it with a module (Super Carrier). There are dozens of examples of just flat out broken things that are never addressed. I understand some things take time, but the process feels broken from my point of view. You requ
  9. You must not try other games then. Path of Exile, Tarkov, Bannerlord, Skyrim, Fallout, hell I started my software development career with Ultima Online, a 1997 game and that community is still going strong...
  10. Not a direct comparison, just using as an example. I hope you are right, but i dont like wiggle room just because they want to remove "Early Access" from a title, its not accurate. My guess would be it so they can add another Early Access module to their list without having that list look like its growing.
  11. Wags, I think the picture is missed here. I get what EA is, I understand it's purpose, and I understand why you guys use it (and abuse it sometimes). But I feel you are missing the point of some of the "passion" we are bringing in you ending EA before a product is complete. So, let me explain it with an example of how I was screwed over by another kind of EA product. I bought into the Pimax hype, it was for all intents and purpose an EA program on kick starter... Backers got to provide feedback and communicate during the creation of the HMD, we got the chance to participate in
  12. Do you have an AWACs in the mission? Is this because of DL and OWN A/C INS Drift?
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