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  1. Yes it still works, lots of people on twitch using it just fine. Can you PM me your dcs.log after the failure There is a URL show on the setting screen that you need to go to, that will give you an OAUTH key that you enter into the box, that is the login information used to connect to twitch.
  2. This is highly dependent on your settings. Do you for instance have MSAA turned on? Super Sampling above the native resolution provides AA when downsampling to fit, combining this with MSAA can make things look worse. There are so many variables in all of this, and that's a huge reason so many of the results are subjective.
  3. It was more than just you, and its not a big deal. It was a point I was trying to make but it was not clear so I am happy to expand on it
  4. To those of you who think I missed the point Lukas was trying to make. I hope you read this... I understand that Lukas was trying to make a point about the resolution ultimately being lower, but my point is that it works out the same no matter how you swing the numbers, if the effective PD is the same in both scenarios. In this google drive you have 3 images which are frame buffer dumps of the right eye from RenderDoc. These images represent the resolution that DCS is rendering to before being sent to the compositor for VR. The first image is labeled "140-0.5-500 rt eye".
  5. In this video I describe why the proposed 0.5 PD method for DCS shown by Lukas S does not actually work. This is not a put down of the work Lukas has done for the community, he is a respected member of the community with lots of great optimization videos for VR and every one of you should go check his channel out. I show how the PD Lukas used for his benchmarking was incorrect and how I came to the conclusion using RenderDoc and a Spreadsheet with the calculations which you can find below. DCS SteamVR Resolution Calculator - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ygjuleAivvA4C-
  6. Ah version is in 2 spots, ill have to update in the next release (if there is one). It should say 1.1.2 on the dcs home screen (the icon for the module). I didn't realize it was in the options screen to, i think that was added there in a submittion from another contributor.
  7. Fixed a crash that was occurring when twitch sent a command i didnt recognize. please update https://github.com/jeffboulanger/twitch2dcs/releases/tag/v1.1.2-beta
  8. In this mission we plan attempt to strike Minakh but I end up spending to much time fumbling around trying to get the Mavericks to lock (this is why we practice ). After we discuss future plans and attacks and do a quick debrief using Tacview to end the Sortie!
  9. In this mission we plan our engagement to strike a ammunition depot. Discuss future plans and attacks and do a quick debrief using Tacview to end the Sortie!
  10. The DCS World multiplayer scene was getting pretty stagnant for me, so I started playing the DCS Liberation Dynamic campaign for a change and been having a blast. I thought it might be enjoyable to do a mostly uncut series of a new campaign to show you guys what its about and provide some entertainment. Hopefully you guys enjoy it, please let me know what you think, to long, to short (yeah right...), what could make this more entertaining... etc. I acknowledge up front this particular episode is more for info, setup and the mission for some of you is probably boring (spoiler ale
  11. Played this tonight, something needs to be done about the FPS hit. Me and some friends tried but the FPS hit dropped me to the 20s ... normally im at 70-100. Not sure what it is, but probably needs looking into. Otherwise I like the idea and direction of the server. Favorited and will check back! Keep at it!
  12. Not without a bunch of work I dont really care to do ;)
  13. That's not exactly true. If you have a 1080p monitor then the max height of the mirror regardless of the resolution inside the HMD will be 1080p. However, if you have a 4k monitor, and super it will be 2160 height (assuming the resolution of the HMD is 2160 or higher. Now, if you add Pixel Density to this, you can get even higher. As example, I use to turn a 4k monitor to portrait, throw the mirror to that screen and have my PD set to 1.6 or higher. This mean I had a desktop mirror at over 4k pixels height. Using OBS I would downsample this to 1440p and the clarity is unreal, bette
  14. Looks like you didnt install it right. Did you download the git repo, or did you download an actual release from here? https://github.com/jeffboulanger/twitch2dcs/releases The release has the proper folder structure for installing it, not the repo.
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