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  1. No you were correct. Heared it too. I just skipped through the interview: About Minute 43 and thereafter on upcoming modules. He said the Mossie was still planned for release before Christmas. The Hind P is then currently planned to 2021 Q1. Wouldn't surprise me, if it is even further away, from the way he put it.
  2. I can only speak for myself, but for me it doesn't have to be the next deep dive guide. Just taking the KW out for a ride and showing off while giving us some insights on how to fly the bird would make the waiting quite a bit shorter :music_whistling:
  3. That would be awesome. End of 2020 is probably more realistic I guess... Plenty of time for barundus to make more of his great videos :music_whistling: BTW, any ETA for the next one? :D
  4. I love how many personal experiences are going into this module. Really looking forward to it.
  5. I hope it is not too far off. It really looks fantastic. It also looks pretty finished. Or maybe that's just my wishful thinking :huh:
  6. Sooo, time to start: are we there, yet? :music_whistling:
  7. Actually these are not neccessarily errors... but yeah, if thats your explanation I can go with it.
  8. If your stick has a loose center or bad calibration, a deadzone will make your life a lot easier.
  9. The F16 opens up the way to A2A, which none of the other modules at choice do. I'd also generalize to say, dogfighting is probably the most complete feature of the module so far. And yes, compared to almost any other module it is very much fly by wire. Your other choices are more or less limited to groundattack. For this role I still love to fly the A-10C and probably the most complete from avionics to physics and appearance with the new pit. The AV8B probably offers you the better overall challenge, though. It is a decent ground-pounder and really a handful to fly and land. The
  10. If you can show me any other project of the same complexity that has so many improvements being worked on for your future excitement with an equally small team on an equally small budget that has NO BUGs, I'll gladly join your march. For now, I'm just happy with what we have rather than wasting my time being unhappy with what I don't have.
  11. You didn't mention which versions, but I think they did?
  12. No problems here with going fullscreen without that option. Maybe a settings-problem on your side?
  13. Ah cool. Thanks for the heads up.
  14. Wasn't the Dynamic Campaign Engine also in the list for 2020? I also hope for rapid further improvement of the ingame voicecoms.
  15. They already accomplished a very good release and you can't take that from them, no matter how dissapointed you are. Development takes time. Especially for the tasks at hand. The comfort prior to release was the simple fact, that the differential between the definite announcement and the release was pretty short, compared to the complete development of the cat. Now the time needed for features is the same, but you can measure it, it seems like the teapot never gets hot. If you think your comparrison is fair, is up to you.
  16. You might also check the autotrimmer-option in the gameplay settings, if you have an issue like that. I apparently had that option enabled accidently and stumbled across this thread while searching for a solution. It worked just like a roughly 5% deadzone for me and it was pretty deadly while flying helos.
  17. If you spend more time during startup than actually flying the aircraft, that really doesn't support the actual flight-aspekt of the simulation either. I startup most planes manually, but I do take shortcuts, wherever I can. As posted above, if I wait 12 minutes for a CV-alignment on the F14 or do the full checklists with lightschecks and stuff, that takes up a big chunk of the time I have with DCS. Time that I can not spend flying, which IMHO is the central aspect of a flightsim. And I'm not much of a dogfighter, so I'm surely no airquaker, if that's what you're implying.
  18. Looking at the current prices for SSDs in comparisson to what games + DLCs cost today, this might indeed be the more expensive alternative.
  19. https://www.lockheedmartin.com/en-us/news/features/history/constellation.html Das schönste Flugzeug insgesamt - das ist einfach :) Die gute alte Connie.
  20. New missions are coming up pretty quickly. Don't think of it like being cheated. Think of it to have the advantage to familiarize yourself with the map before the action begins. I also think that the map has many great challenges to master. Like landing your Harrier on the Burj Al Arab hotel. :music_whistling:
  21. Same problem here with 4k. I noted the mouse was greyed out. Alt Tab in and out or switching tasks didn't help. I had the feeling that the screen was simply very slow. It took about 20 seconds to show the news-tab. Edit: Seems to work now, after a third restart. Maybe there was something working in the background or some calling home not responding.
  22. Initially I also thought about rockets being misfired. When they walked around after the impact, though, there was a red-white band visible that had apparently been placed in quite a distance all around this truck. A command truck with nobody inside, it seems. Of course this is just my personal conclusion, but to me it seems possible, these guys sneaked into the training area. And hopefully were all just lucky to walk away from there.
  23. True. A Frankenthread at it's finest. :D I felt it worth a note, though, since the market for left-handed joysticks really changed a lot since then.
  24. With the current hype on Space-Sims, there are quite some good alternatives for lefties coming up. It depends a lot, though, on how much you want to spend: https://virpil.com/en/shop/sticks/vpc-mongoost-50-lh-flightstick-vpc#vina-tab AFAIK the grip also fits on the TM Warthog-Base: https://virpil.com/en/shop/grips/vpc-mongoost-50-lh-grip-vpc IIRC the Saitek Cyborg Flight Stick also was suited for lefties. I don't know, if it is still being produced, though.
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