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  1. rctrl rshift and numkeys 4 6 2 8 / * moves your head around. ralt num0 saves it.
  2. oh its a mod, I didn't see that this morning (coffee hadn't acted yet).
  3. Hmmm, this is strange. I've been playing the Red Flag campaign, the Phantoms show up as "B" and the Tomcats as "4", Tornados as "T". Did it change again?
  4. ASW ghosts for me in flybys and stuff BUT, if I switch it off, when I move my head side to side in the cockpit, everything ghosts (everything makes a double that is one frame behind), with ASW on it does not, plus it looks like 90, not 45, so it is significantly smoother. I'll take the artifacting (that ghosting). They've changed the shortcut to rctrl pause for the frame rate counter.
  5. If you let VR run at a variable framerate, like with the ctrl num1 option, it might look very stuttery. If you force it to something, say 45 fps in my case with ctrl-num2, its smoother, because the same time passes between frames. If you let ASW work on top of that (ctrl num3 or ctrl num4), then it is locked to 45 fps but the software adds in the in between frames, so it looks like 90 fps, even though DCS is only rendering 45 per second.
  6. Don't be fooled by the framerate. In my experience using the ctrl num1 option that disables the vsync and ASW does lead to higher framerates but they're variable and might look very stuttery. In my case that setting is basically unusable on my Rift CV1. I use the ctrl num4 option almost always, this locks mine to 45 and does the ASW so it looks like 90fps.
  7. It works in game, also in other games.
  8. The radar causes a performance drop for me too, when you fly low and point it to the ground, it takes a few seconds for it to start happening, drops me from 90fps to 22 in VR on NTTR.
  9. Hi some small things I picked up, I couldn't see them mentioned in a cursory search here. 1. The engine start panel switches don't make any sounds. 2. The Autopilot bell sounds even with the jet powered down and everything switched off. 3. When you command an altitude hold on AP, if you disable the autopilot before altitude is reached, the jet stays in that up or down trimmed state.
  10. I think I fixed mine by renaming Saved Games folder, I put my input folder back in as well as the logbook.lua file found in MissionEditor.
  11. Same problem for me. logbook.lua
  12. Hi, I made good progress on the campaign but for the Food poisoning mission, the base were you are supposed to land at is in the forest and there's no place to land. I attach some screenshots.
  13. Yeah, what he said, I managed to kill all the bombers and migs (with the help of wingmen). The F5 is not an especially great turn fighter, keep the speed up, dump your tanks.
  14. They collide on the way there, long before I get there.
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