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  1. Moving soon to a new house where I get my own room for all my setups, would like to decorate my wall with some Blueprints of the F18 F16 A10 F5 etc etc. If anyone has some high quality or some other nice stuff please share!
  2. Quekel

    Force DirectX 11?

    Found this on reddit: Not sure if legacy repro does anything for WMR, but ForceDisableDX11 uses the CPU to do reprojection, whereas if its set to false WMR uses the "new" GPU-based reprojection. If your game is GPU-bound, you might get smoother reprojection using the old CPU-based method, and vice versa if your game is CPU-bound. I'm CPU bound, so i'll leave it as it is
  3. Mod works, but since last 2 updates i'm not noticing any frame increasements... Guess ED solved some issues?
  4. Would be nice if there was a "Kneeboard" section were we could all share kneeboard templates.
  5. I was wondering the same, maybe Mustang can give an update?
  6. There is a mod that greatly reduces it! https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/?CREATED_BY=Mnemonic&set_filter=Y&sphrase_id=226926
  7. Came across this on the ED site, only has 17 downloads so far, but I think the creator should have made a post on here! https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3313186/
  8. Anyone tried to see how it affects with the new patch?
  9. Great news! Hated the cartoonish look on Normandy, thats why I barely fly there.. :) Cant wait!
  10. Just amazing barthek! It's to bad that you need to take time to look it more real and not cartoony... This also goes for Caucusus ofcourse.
  11. Dont know why, I normally can fly 60Hz with reprojection on to lock it at 30FPS. But now I get FPS drops to 25 while flying...
  12. Since you use reprojection and wont mind artifacts you can also set your WMR in Windows settings to 60Hz, then reprojection will maintain 30FPS and you could set some settings higher for better quality.
  13. Very excited with the 3080 prices, now i'm looking for a new build in december! But what other spec's would be great with it?
  14. No problem! I will keep using it, love flying with these textures in VR. The default is way to Cartoony green
  15. Lucshep, love your work! But i noticed some white riverbeds around the map. Have you seen this?
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