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  1. the power levers on the plane do not move when I accelerate on the joystick why that ?
  2. hang gliding = free flight in isntant mission
  3. Dear brixmis: ok, standard windows keyboard Any cold and dark mission or hang gliding, I have no throttles working. thrustmaster T-flight HOTAS, yes, assigned controls on module, pitch, roll, rudder and throttles
  4. I solved the MiG 19P issue, uninstalled it, and will only install it when a new update comes thank you very much to all who had patience
  5. I will check all that you mentioned I tell you later ok ???
  6. I will keep trying. but one question reminded me that on a free flight mission the throttles don't work either, they don't accelerate or slow the plane 'll tell you what I got, I contacted Razbam For now, thank you very much for your patience.
  7. Another thing I think is important. I'm at DCs steam. could be the problem ???
  8. in cold & dark, nothing works, not even the front or rear throttles. without power or with earth energy. the joystick works for roll and pitch. Ralt + home, or home alone, nothing happens. I ask again, please, do you have the 19P ???
  9. my procedure is as pictorial. Ok, the problem is not there. because I have the MiG 15, MiG 21 F-86, and all of them when I move the throttles, regardless of whether they have power or not. The problem is on the plane. Now answer me: do you have the miG 19 ??? and is it working ???
  10. It's more serious than I thought, nor does the joystick respond to the acceleration commands, nothing happens, it must be bug. does yours work ???
  11. Ralt+home no working in MiG 19 P why in mig 19p the commands Ralt + home, home, end, Rshift + home, do not work ? Will have some update ??? and have a MiG 15 that has the same problem, but I got tired of waiting and it stayed that way until today, it doesn't even care about home alone.
  12. In theory it is a wonder! In theory it is a wonder!
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