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  1. Hello, I would like to join your squad, if there are no problems, I could provide the name of your server and the password if you have any thanks!
    1. 9VFS KOBU

      9VFS KOBU

      Hey there! Our server's name is Bank&Yank Philippines and it is usually up from 1800H to 0700H Philippine Standard Time. 

    2. sanc2775


      Thank you I will be there flying this beauty with all of you guys!!!

  2. Really having a blast with this mod. Here are some photos of our Virtual Squadron flying earlier this day. Keep up the good work!
  3. Thank you! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1DIxpDvZ46D-hfqhNfVXUjnewI77O52kR/view?usp=sharing Here's the download link for that livery. Cheers!
  4. Awesome Mod! Here's my repaint for the A-29B. Based off from the paint scheme of the Philippine Air Force, 15th Strike Wing.
  5. Hi guys! I want to host a 24/7 server for our squadron, how can I restart our server automatically at a specific time? Thanks!
  6. Hey guys I was just wondering how to remove these two portions from the Briefing Window. I already tried ticking the HIDDEN ON PLANNER per aircraft but it did nothing.
  7. Awesome work SkateZilla! Been looking forward for your mod update :D
  8. Lovin' this. I always forget how to start up my A-10C! haha!
  9. Anyone else got this working again? I can't make it work even though I followed the instructions
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