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  1. (EDIT) Thought I got rid of crashes with new Config folder but still crashing
  2. Check to see if your Control layout got switched. Start a mission with A10 and pause. Go to Controls screen and check that its using Real not Game layout. Also check under Options/ Gameplay that Game Flight isn't selected since that switches to Game control layout.
  3. My first impression of Syria in 2.7 is it looks much better with new lighting and performance has improved. Wasn't looking at FPS or rigorously testing but felt smoother flying low over cities and a random stutter issue I had before is gone. My only complaint would be the new billboards that all say "Normandy 1944" on them everywhere.
  4. Envision a circle in a square and you see why the Y value isn't the same. Try playing with horiz or vert curves to speed up cursor response.
  5. Would this have the radar guided version of Hellfire, or laser guided, or both? Also wondering if it would have Sidearms.
  6. When toggling through liveries (many custom) it will stop showing skin, liveries will start to be all or partially blacked out and then game crash. Logs mention not enough memory and not being able to render texture errors. Seems like its loading all these skins into memory and using up RAM.
  7. I found this to be mind-blowing and funny and its even aviation related so thought Id share.
  8. To find old posts click on your name then statistics and you'll see a link to "find all posts".
  9. What are you trying to do? Havent played TTI in a while but I know using comms ( \ and F keys) will give you options for the mission and it already randomly generates scenarios. Are you sure you need to tinker with triggers? On pages 1 and 2 of missions and campaigns sub forum there are threads for TTI missions.
  10. It always takes one too fast turn and the never ending stall warning to remind me its an F5 not an F16.
  11. Track replay hardly if ever works. Youll want to record with sone other program if you want to make videos.
  12. The whole plane has that although only visible up close and at certain angles.
  13. If theyre on center 3 pylons you cant drop in pairs
  14. CBU-87 is anti-personnel/anti-armor, not anti-tank.
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