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  1. yes me too..i hope overpro can help us..i already compile my own firmware using linux...and how to reduce the 2HID into 1 HID with 128button.. hoping that overpro help me on this too
  2. Its okey..i have solde the problem..only the placement of LUFA directory
  3. firmware compiling failed..need help hello overpro, can you help me about this problem?...i can compile the firmware as it said im missing the cvpjoystick.o file... \ please refer attachment...thanks overpro.. anyone here also can help me pleasee
  4. Problem encounter hello again guys.. this time im encounter some button problem.. im using the arduino code on post #150 and using CVP joystick with 256btn hex.. im testing using SV mapper and realise that button 225,226,227,233,234,235.......255 turn on with out any button push and i dont solder any button to those row/colum... how this happen?..help.. please refer attachment provided asdf.bmp
  5. hai, Thanks for the help from Ian & overpro now my gamepad up and running..but how do i change the gamepad name from CVP joystick to example : my joy1? i have 3 gamepad using arduino all the same name how to change it permenantly in linux?..i have installe VM and the required package too thanks
  6. THanks and help needed overpro Hello overpro..thank you very much for your contribution towards our hobby..you have my respect sir.. im currently follow all the post here and wanted to do some panel using your awesome sketch and hex files.. so i have donloaded your sketch on page 15 post#150 and when im try to verify im having this error ======================================================== C:\Users\ADS FARIDYAN\Desktop\button box programing\CVP_JoystickController\CVP_JoystickController.ino: In function 'void loop()': CVP_JoystickController:136: error: 'PORTA' was not declar
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