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  1. personally I'm hoping for a sea harrier variant but any will do
  2. honestly it was just that I was playing late and didn't want it too loud
  3. It's rather crude but it's my first go at anything like this
  4. Not my first one but o decent one. I think the wheels are a glitch as I saw a 109 takeoff with the wheels invisible
  5. Hello, I can't seem to enter the external view mode in the replays from the 1944 anticipation server. I've tried altering the code to see if that helps but to no avail. :helpsmilie:
  6. The 109 is quite a handful at low speeds, especially when first using the K-4 which handles quite different to the early variants. Although with good curves suited to you it is quite manageable. The best way to train this for my self was to go into the dogfight quick mission and get put myself into a low energy state and let the mustang go on to my 6 then try and get him off whilst not exceeding 2500 RPM. It's crude but helped me a lot for stall fighting in the K-4 and getting the right curves. The 109 can still run rings around Mustangs (still getting used to spits) however at most speeds due
  7. Cheers, yea it was the tail wheel and for the Track IR tip
  8. Hey there, I just picked up the K-4 in the trio pack on sale now and just have a few things I'm having a problem with: Firstly for Track IR is there a way to disable the rails the head movements follow? It's just messing up my vision when looking up or to the extreme sides And secondly taxiing is a bit weird, I remember on a ApeoftheYear video the was something that ""helps"" with taxiing but it was better to disable it, if so how do you do this? Many thanks, Zesphr
  9. well I didn't film it sadly but these are all spits I believe, including my first spit kill, and safe to say the best sim round I've ever had. plus Joao is my wing ma as well so we got 10 confirmed between us https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/6e/f8/a9/6ef8a9fb1a061875d0dbe24bd12f11c8.png
  10. MFW I'm a steam player :cry::helpsmilie:
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