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  1. FoxOne007

    F-15E JHMCS?

    I’d like to direct you to this post for any questions RE the upcoming Strike Eagle systems, functionality, etc.
  2. Another update from the 3D artist F-15E stick on the left, and AV-8B on the right
  3. So am I, one of the big things with the SE that will set it apart from the rest
  4. Even more impressive then!!
  5. Small update, this got posted by the 3D artist: It's a 3D photoscan of the HOTAS EDIT: 3D Scan, as per the artist in the reply below
  6. There's nothing cool about nuclear bombs.... Also it would be totally useless for RB to make the emergency hook work if there is no airfield arresting gear that works with it. so again, pointless
  7. You need to do some more research before spewing BS my guy!
  8. FoxOne007


    Thanks for not answering the question, always helpful…. Unknown at the time, most likely some time next year.
  9. It definitely won’t be that old, it will be more modern, around the same time as the F-16/F-18 but maybe slightly newer, the planned weapons on the first page should also reflect that, JDAMs and SDB’s aren’t from the 90’s… SDB’s would be the newest weapon which came to the SE between 2006-2008
  10. Your answer is literally above your own post.....
  11. Iraq/Nothern Gulf is what should have been made instead of PG imo, though with Al Dhafra in there
  12. The time frame is unknown, they'll try and get it as modern as they can get, most likely up to somewhere around 2012, but we'll have to wait and see when we get more info from RAZBAM
  13. Superb!! I am definitely planning on going for a swim in that water park!
  14. @BIGNEWYis it possible to soft-lock this thread so only I can post the WIP images/info on it? And it not could you please clean it up and leave only the images? Thanks in advance either way
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