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  1. I can’t wait for this, hopefully it will also come with some new SIGINT AI assets like the RC-135V/W Rivet Joint to support in theatre operations!!
  2. Any update on this? Can this be adressed for the next patch perhaps? Can't imagine this being more than a couple minutes of work.
  3. It should be somewhat similar to what the A-10 has though ofc not 1:1 the same, for AA mode Wags just dropped a video with more symbology on that front (and some more to come) of which at least some is hopefully coming to the Viper as well
  4. ED already stated that it wasn't going to be finished in 2020 just like the Hornet. additionally we're also missing more TGP options like the menu to set frag rings, etc. and the HSD is missing a ton of symbology
  5. Looks like it will be released somewhere in 2021
  6. Thanks for the update, the delay for future modules is very understandable (and I am looking forward to a great F-15E experience based on the new steps taken by RB now)
  7. Well that is really just an F/A-18C design flaw, it is definitely slower/less agile then a Viper, and once loaded it only gets worse
  8. You can place static airplanes (Mig-29, or any other) in a shelter
  9. I think it would be really cool to have a Block 40/42 with the LANTIRN and Wide HUD, adds some nice unique things to the airframe
  10. Thanks for the update!! :thumbup:
  11. hmmm, really weird. I'd try contacting a mod on Discord, they're usually quicker on the ED discord than on the forums
  12. Do you still have your original key saved somewhere, because you can check the key in your profile to make sure it is synced to your account. (I don't see why it wouldn't be but maybe worth a check)
  13. Best to do it via the webstore, as it will register your discount on there via your account. When logged in it should look like this:
  14. He’s asking for a slimmed down version of the new A-10C II manual that only contains the new/changed things compared to the original guide, as a lot it is still the same
  15. Yes +1000, this should really be the only way to adjust it as it is the closest thing as changing the actual dials!! They should also do a similar thing for the dials on the GBU-24 to set it’s delivery mode! The Arming menu is 100% the best place to do these kinds of things
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