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  1. Try if connecting the mini jack to the headset connector on the front of the case makes the Buttkicker work again. If that works look up in your manual which connector you must use on your motherboard when connecting a pair of headphones and use that. With most audio drivers a popup windows appears when you connect a device to a connector asking you what you have connected. You can try connecting your headset to the rear connectors and see if the popup window appears. Otherwise post your motherboard brand and type ans someone will point you to the correct connect
  2. Any reviews of the new 3080 cards in combination with VR are most welcome!
  3. Is your asking price not a little steep as a new throttle set will set you back 204 euro at Amazon.de?
  4. I think the computer want to tell you DirectX has not been installed (correctly). Try to install DirectX by downloading the MS DirectX installer (probably here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=35&irgwc=1&OCID=AID681541_aff_7793_1246483&tduid=(ir__xmamthwxy0kfrzjokk0sohz30n2xm9623nwfxa0l00)(7793)(1246483)(%28669d0ab9ba84f117c0b3b3a75b077246%29%28190944%29%281835138%29%2868756X1554900Xd4884cf6f8fb53b85ab65ee16607071f%29%28%29)(669d0ab9ba84f117c0b3b3a75b077246)&irclickid=_xmamthwxy0kfrzjokk0sohz30n2xm9623nwfxa0l00)
  5. Still waiting patiently... New CPU, new GPU, all tweaked and ready to burn!
  6. No Oculus software update available here... There is a mention that I should get a new graphic driver before I can get Rift Core 2.0 but I already have the latest Nvidia drivers installed.
  7. This module looks awesome! Does anyone know if the new way to command the AI pilot or back seat also works when flying in VR? I cannot wait to fly the F-14 in VR! Just ordered F-14... Now waiting for the release :-)
  8. How can you use the Touch controllers and fly the plane at the same time? I have the Touch controllers on my desk when I fly but since they are not active they do not vibrate if I use the cockpit buttons and dials.
  9. Thinking about upgrading from my GTX1070 to a GTX1080ti as my current setup can only take me to pixel density 1.0 max without stuttering when flying low or looking at the cockpit edges. Would my I5-4690K (overclocked to 4.5Ghz) be a bottleneck in my rig?
  10. Update runs fine over here... Unable to say if I updated just one version or multiple versions at once.
  11. Fixed my "problem"with the unflyable settings... It turned out that I had setup the Warthog controls in the stable version and was flying the beta... Can the control setting be copied between DCS versions?
  12. Does this device ID change when you connect the HOTAS (a Warthog set in my case) to another USB port on the same computer? I just found my correctly by hand entered settings (from the Polaris example, thank you) reset to some unflyable default settings...
  13. Can someone explain what this isse with de device ID is all about?
  14. Thank you :thumbup: I hope that will fix it for me Keep up the good work!
  15. I just tried to install the SU-25 and SU-27 profiles but I do not get the assignments correct. I followed the installation instructions. Do these profiles work in version 2.5?
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